Relationship Between the Perception of HR Value Chain in an Organization

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1.4 Research Objectives

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To comprehensively examine the relationship between the perception of HR value chain in an organization components including its HR department, its strategy, and its performance, the study will employ quantitative and qualitative research instruments using a survey. One company, which will remain anonymous will be chosen, and the opinions of a number of their employees sought .To ensure the survey yields honest answers and opinions that are unbiased from the respondents, their anonymity during the study will be guaranteed. Printed questionnaires will be the main source of data during the survey. Upon data collection and analysis, recommendations will be developed to encourage companies to inculcate value chain principles in their HR departments to maximize their productivity and strengthen their competitive advantage in UAE.

1.5 Research QuestionsIs there a statistical relationship between the value chain practices in the HR department and organizational productivity?

How does perception of Value Chain practice influence the programs of an HR department?

How does perception of Value Chain influence the formulation of an organization strategy?

How does perception of Value Chain influence the productive performance of an organization?


This portion of the research focuses on existing body knowledge and past research on the concepts of a firms productivity, perception of the influence of value chain on a firms organization strategy and human resource strategy, productive performance, and programs developed by the human department.

2.1 Productive PerformanceProductive performance is simply the productivity of a firm. The concept of productivity in a firm is always associated with the efficient use of physical, natural, capital and human resources at the disposal of an organization. Productivity is defined as the ratio of output to the input of a given production line. It is a norm that whenever efficient use of resources is increased there is a consequential increase in productivity (Bain, 2009). The programs, values, strategies and management style of a human resource department that aims to get the best out of its employees will certainly enhance the efficiency of their pool of human resource. Employees who work to achieve the productivity goals of an organization are arguably those who are well motivated by the instruments management to work efficiently (Wright, Boxall and Purcell, 2003). Boxall and Purcell purport that among the critical roles of a human resource department is labor productivity. An organization should use the least amount of cost to motivate efficiency among its work force thus increasing their labor productivity. Value chain activities such as attracting and employing the right talented and skilled employees, employing a grounded culture of requiring employees to have clarity on the organizations mission and fundamental core values of the organization, have proven to promote the efficiency of the workforce. Therefore, it could be argued that growth in productivity is hinged on the efficiency of work force and adoption of best practices.

2.2 The Perception of the value chain on the Human Resource Department.The human resource department is an integral part in constructing and implementing any policies geared towards value chain in the organization. The efforts actively engaged by the human resource department to enhance value chain are particularly important in shaping the perceptions that employees, consultants, creditors and customers will have on the organization. An organizations determination to develop a blueprint to execute its strategies that guide in talent attraction, identification, hiring and motivation to ensure an organization has the most qualified pool of employees who are adequately skilled to perform their tasks (Reimann, 1989). At the heart of an organization is the aspiration of synchronizing the approach of employee management to the organization strategies. This makes the employees have a crystal clear understanding of their roles. The human resource department should endeavor to employ meritocracy as a tool for appraisal and hold employees accountable for their actions, recognize them for their contribution and promote them to higher levels as a motivating factor. An organization that pegs its appraisal strategies on meritocracy often retains and attracts the best talents in the market because the offer a promise of career progression (Munir, Lim and Knight, 2011). This presents the importance of the value chain practice within the organization, especially in its ability to positively affect human resource duties such as recruitment and retention. To an extent, the earnest endeavor of personnel value chain activities encourages companies to be ready to comply with legal and labor policy regulations.

Development of skills of employees is also another important activity that if encouraged helps to promote the efficiency of the employees. When all these activities are incorporated in the administration of the human resource of an organization the perception of the employs towards the organization is radically changed, and their productivity can arguably be on the rice (, 2016). Value addition among employees thus becomes an important part of ensuring organizational growth is maintained. This is done by taking the existing talent within the organization and increasing their value for better overall output as opposed to hiring experienced hands.

2.3 Perception of Value Chain on Organizational StrategyAn analysis of a companys goals and strategies aids...

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