Reflective Paper on the White Supremacy

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The white supremacy fully characterized the environment in which I was brought up. The white population strongly perceived themselves as superior to the colored races that were majorly blacks and Jews. Owing to this perception, the whites completely dominated the colored race in terms job opportunities, admission to better schools and political positions among others. For instances, if the qualified candidates from the two mentioned races attended a job interview, and the interviewers are whites then the vacancy had to be given to a white candidate. The said discrimination and dominancy of the white race caused a great hatred and rift between the two races. The mentioned races could not live together, shop in the same supermarket, travel in the same train.

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I once attended a meeting organized by the whites who felt that their country fully belongs to them and they term the colored race as immigrants. In the meeting, I could recognize the superiority, the hatred, and the negative attitude the whites had over the black race. Speaker after speaker spoke against the colored race, and they went further to say that their children cannot share the same school with the children of the colored race. They argued that children from the colored race were poor performers hence they could affect their bright children. According to my understanding, this was not true. Since I was brought up in a humble and Christian family, I empathize with the colored race. There was no one to defend and speak for their justice. The religious groups only played little effort to sensitize the public on fairness, equity, and brotherhood.

The white supremacy mentioned above-promoted sexism in which the male gender felt that they are superior to the female gender. As I grow up, I experienced many cases of sexism arising both at school and jobs places. Sexism cut across the male from the white and black community. The stereotype that had already existed between the whites and blacks aggravated the relationship between a male from the white community and the female from the black community. The white chauvinists had a low opinion towards the black feminine. In most cases, they mistreated them, misused their bodies, sexually assault them. Above all, they believed that a black female should not hold any leadership and job position but should look after their families.

Obnoxiously, the sexism among the two races was practiced openly despite the existence of the law to protect the female gender. I once watched a male teenager from the white race seriously canning old black women in a broad day light and the public watching without stopping or admonishing the teenager. In most cases, the jobs that the black women could qualify for was to be housemaid in the houses of the white male chauvinist. On the same note, men from the white community also looked down upon their women. The was an earning gap between the two genders, this means, men were expected to earn a high salary and hold a higher job position as compared to their female counterparts. Similarly, men from black community looked down upon their women; they physically assaulted and disciplined them through beating. The women from both the races were disadvantaged and right to speak their minds.

Classism was another serious segregation that I experienced from the wealthy and the poor in the society. A point to note is that since the white community could easy access the quality education which enabled them to get well-paying jobs, thereby making them wealthy. Conversely, the colored race was disadvantaged due to the white supremacy, therefore making it intricate for them to acquire education. This made them poor and subordinate of the white race. I could explicitly observe the gap between the wealthy white population and the poor black people.

Plausibly, the two groups could not live in the same estate; share the same shops, pray in the same church or other religious institution and other social amenities. The rich openly oppress the poor, the erstwhile had to work on the farms of the wealthy, but at the end of the day, they could only be paid peanuts. There was an apparent hatred of the rich; they perceive the poor as lazy and idealess group. Worst to point out is that some of the wealthy group argued that it is wrong for the government of the day to allow the lazy, the poor, people to live. I visited numerous churches, but I was disappointed because the religious played little effort to condemn the existence of the two groups in the society.

As an aspiring social worker, the discussed practical experience would greatly assist me in helping the families that have been emotionally affected by segregation. Also, the experience would enable me to have a discussion with the women affected by sexism and helping them to find a workable solution to forestall such an act. I will also be in a better position to advise the poor in the society by educating them on how to utilize their little resource to better their lives.

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