Reflection on the Transgender and Bisexual Theory

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Reflection on journals explains different thoughts of the writers on their mission to deliberate show what they write and expected by people to understand. Thus, discussed will be a reflection of several journals and what is anticipated from the authors. First discussed will be a reflection on the transgender theory a journal written by Julie L. Nagoshi and Stephan/, i.e., Brzuzy. The authors are talking about issues regarding transgender and bisexual theory among other theories. According to Julie and Stephan, the transgender theory is seen as a developing theoretical alignment on the nature of sexual category and gender identity in understanding the lived experiences of transgender and bisexual individuals.

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Moreover, the authors argue transgender being a distinct element in emphasizing the significance of physical personification in gender and sexual identity. They support their theory by explaining its importance in reconciling feminist and strange theoretical scholarship with social work practice and advocacy. Also, they discuss larger issues of group identity and social oppression as well as matters concerning working with transgender (Namaste, 2009). Understanding the issues on transgender will aid in comprehending the gender impact on vocational development according to Julie and Stephans theory. Moreover, it is achieved by the acquaintance of the feminist theory and recognizing the tension between the essentialists, binary, oppression model of identity, and the social constructivist queer theory models.

According to Julie and Stephans theory, they have developed a self- acceptance by the transgender individuals since they have incorporated their inclusion in the work industry and the society. Thus, the development of a high self- esteem by avoiding addressing them by names such as sir or madam. Therefore, their ideas on transgender positively impact the community on issues regarding the gender identity by encouraging the affected individuals through giving life experiences which boost their emotions and make them active in working and living in the community.

Secondly discussed is the journal on the exploration of a theory of vocational choice. The journal talks about self- description and professional preferences. According to the author, vocational preferences are made through involving individuals about their thoughts on occupational choices. It can be achieved through random questionnaires whereby both genders are involved in the practice. Also, the writer argues that vocational preferences are associated with self- conceptions or characterizations in excepted ways. For instance, both genders are found to react in different ways when it comes to vocational development. Boys with intellectual preferences involve themselves as analytical, curious and imaginative among other characteristics.

For girls, they are seen to be aggressive, persuasive, competitive and extroverts among other features. However, based on real circumstances the vocational preference theory is valid since girls tend to behave differently from boys when it comes to their social life. Female are so interactive and have excellent communication skills compared to the male. Therefore, by assigning duties to both genders, one should consider their expertise related to the characteristics posed. For example, the idea of the writer in girls being cheerful and social helps in identifying the type of job they should fit in the society as well as the boys.

Lastly discussed will be the issue of biology as an ideology. According to the author, Destiny is the primary problem conversed which he believes it is an anatomy. However, the writer says that the view on destiny was different from the Aristotle who believed that it was determined by ones place in the social order not considering whether they are female or male. Moreover, the author explains that the view of gender is based differently by people such as the Western philosophers and scientists. They believe that initially only one sex existed and it was the male figure. Women came from the male external genitalia thus the men determined their presence.

However, the modern Western philosophers see this concept different from the ancient theorists since they regard men and women diverse physically thus termed as two species. According to the author, he argues that men and females are different in the sense that natural appearance differs from each other and through seeing their bodies is believing in the sex one appear to have (Shields, 2008). Also, gender inequality has supported the thinking of the diverse biological ideology. For instance, in the female, they observe menstrual cycles while this is not the case in the male. Moreover, the issue of gender inequality has been seen activities such as sports and domestic undertaking among others.

For example, boys in sports are involved in games such football due to their masculine nature. However, girls are intricate in soft games such as handball among other feminine activities. Moreover, the idea of women been weaker than men is so effective till to date. Most female due to the feminine muscles which are not strong gives their personality of the weaker concept. Also, it makes them fall sick quickly compared to men who are strong and handle hard task due to their still muscles. Therefore, with the writers idea of gender it aids people to understand the activities appropriate to each and every individual based on their sexual identity.


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