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The Future of International Public Relations

This examines the implications of practitioners and scholars embracing the cultural-economic model and how that affects patterns of global public relations.Implications for Practitioners Embracing the Cultural-economic ModelPublic...
7 Pages 
(1797 Words)
2021-05-18 18:52:23

Impact of Social Media Promotion: A Case Study of Kowloon Motor Bus Company

Research Aim:With the widespread adoption of technology, firms have no choice but to embrace the technology craze if they wish to remain relevant in the market. The arrival of technological has brought up social media which has been widely adop...
3 Pages 
(930 Words)
2021-05-19 09:33:36

Relation of Social Media Marketing Campaign for Doritos to the Age Cohort

Analysis This section includes age cohort analysis for their target audience. The term cohort means a group of people CITATION Chu16 \l 1033  (Chung & Torres-Baumgarten, 2016). Age Cohort says that a group of individuals who are fr...
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(777 Words)
2021-05-20 19:09:05

How Brand Personality, History and Heritage can Affect Its Consumers Purchase Intentions

Companies strive to develop ways of meeting the needs of consumers and establish long-term consumer brand relationships. The long term relationship with the consumers is built through branding that makes the product attractive to the consumers ...
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(685 Words)
2021-05-24 10:28:01

Essay on Johnson & Johnsons Crisis Management

Johnson & Johnsons, Tylenol, a painkiller, was among the companys most successful over the counter drug in the United States CITATION Ola12 \l 1033 (Olaniran, 2012). In 1981, Tylenol was attributed with over 19% of the companys profits dur...
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(1871 Words)
2021-05-25 15:42:20

Paper Example on Social Media Branding

Article 1: Brand strategies in social media by Georgios Tsimonis and Sergious Dimitriadis Retrieved from paper explores some of the brand stra...
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(663 Words)
2021-06-08 12:49:47

Analysis Essay on Idaho Food Bank's Campaign Flyer, Policy and Strategy

Description of the Type of Campaign FlyerThe Idaho Food Banks flyer can be classified as a special purpose flyer. This is because it has a single primary objective of mobilizing the public to assist the Idahoan population with food. This...
2 Pages 
(503 Words)
2021-06-08 11:08:56
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