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Brand Strategies in Social Media by Georgios Tsimonis and Sergius Dimitriadis — Analysis of Article

This paper explores some of the brand strategies that firms use on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, and Instagram among others. The paper examines the underlying reason why organizations create brand pages in social media, how they use such pages to their advantage, and some of the strategies adopted when promoting their brand through social media. The main reason why organization uses social media is to announce new products, interact with consumers, handle customer complaints, and inform people about their brand. Interaction through social media results in brand awareness improved consumer relationships, and attraction of new customers.

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Branding Social Media in the Travel Industry by Evangelos Christou — Analysis of Article

This scholarly article posits that strong social media brands are essential in the travel and tourism industry. The reason is that social media branding acts as a link between customers and travel firms. Social media branding may result that consumers may develop brand loyalty after being exposed to a certain brand over a period of time via social media. The underlying notion of brand loyalty is trust. Such trust can be developed through social media branding by enhancing brand aspects, firm characteristics and is often influenced by customer characteristics. The paper concludes that brand characteristic is requisite as it has more impact on consumers’ trust in a brand. The paper also established that social media could significantly increase trust levels among consumers thus increasing brand loyalty.

Will Social Media Kill Branding? by Kohli — Analysis of Article

According to Kohli et al. (2014), the advent of social media has changed the way a brand is managed. The advent of social media has altered branding from the traditional branding strategies which requires heavy investment and efficient management through controlled communication to more advanced and sophisticated strategies. The paper discusses the concept of brand equity and some of the attributes that result in successful branding. The paper posits that social media can be used as a tool to create brand knowledge. Social media have the ability to spread information fast and thus when utilized properly could enable companies to create brand awareness and pass information virally (Kohli et al., 2014). It is important to note that consumers use social media platforms for making discussions and exchanges and pay little attention to marketing or branding. Therefore, since marketers have little or no control of information spread on social media, social media can disrupt the brand position.


The three articles complement each other in that they cite social media as a tool in which organizations can use to create brand awareness. Organizations are able to build brand loyalty by constantly interacting with consumers through social media. Organizations can use social media as a tool for announcing new products, interacting with consumers, handling customer complaints, and informing people about their brand. Interaction through social media results in brand awareness improved consumer relationships, and attraction of new customers.

Be as it may, social media platform has provided brand managers with both opportunities and challenges. The advent of social media has changed the way brands are managed. Firms use social media as a tool to engage with consumers on a daily basis. Organizations create social pages and develop content that is appealing to consumers. Organizations can use social media to communicate and listen to customer compliments and complaints and act in a manner to enhance their brand image (Tsimonis & Dimitriadis, 2014). Proper brand management and communication through social media brands can help an organization create a competitive advantage using their brands.


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