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Advanced technology is a vital element to healthcare delivery and most therapeutic approaches like carrying out surgery and other chemotherapy medication. To add on that, the use of modern technology in administration, medicine, diagnosis and managing hospital facilities has proven to yield better outcomes even though there are instances that people end up hacking the privacy of medical records thus violating the HIPAA requirements (Stelfox & Straus, 2013). Several mobile initiatives are applicable in hospitals like in St. Luke's hospital. One of the advanced approaches applied includes the Mobile XE that is an intervention that is widely utilized in hospital. It enhances connectivity of the facility in various areas and specific sectors.

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The software has made hospitals' accuracy and efficiency levels to increase thus enhancing people's confidence in seeking help in facilities that employ the intervention. Moreover, the intervention offers a chance for hospitals to apply remedial actions thus enabling facilities to name patients with great cases (Shekelle, 2013). Patients servicing has gone to another level since the implementation of the intervention thus medication, and other methods of diagnosis and treatment have taken simple, applicable way than before. Not forgetting mobile XE software's data security frameworks, it is a point to note that any backup with Mobile XE is efficient thus the application reduces anxiety and stress of losing patients' information thus consequences of violation of HIPAA rules are rare.

Visual Summary

1. Cataloging the computers

The employees at the facility should be highly trained on ways of preventing data breaches and keeping intruders on the watch. Cataloging the components of the facility is another way of enhancing security thus keeping the hospital's records safe and secure from content crackers. Cataloging content helps the hospital to be aware of the mobile devices that are connected to the organization's computers. Also, it offers a chance for checking the actions that the machines carry out and any attempt of the data breach in the body by the use of the facility's computers or any other external device intended to topple the normal functioning of the system. additionally, the facility employs strategies to control the content and active communication on timelines regarding the products in different languages by employing personnel who scrutinizes and delete all malicious content that may reprimand the facility's success (Naslund, 2008).

2. Installation VLANs.In comparing the use and performance of WLANs, VLANs portray high accuracy and faster mode of application and performance of tasks. VLANs offer the facility high-level security framework thus the center's data cannot be stolen by any party in the technical system. with the aspect that VLANs are easy to manage as compared to other networks like the WLANs, employing the application of VLANs in the hospital helps in using more layers thus preventing any interruption (Armstrong, Milch, Curtis & Endress, 2012). St. Luke's Hospital should upgrade its VLANs to support the segregation of the servers to the floor and make the servers to be departmentally specific (Conry-Murray, 2003).


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