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The Canadas health care system is dynamic and based on reforms that have shifted over the years. This system has demonstrated the fundamental basics of fairness and equity among the Canadian citizen. Due to this approach, the system has achieved the universal obligation of providing the medically essential health care amenities delivered on the basis of want, rather than the capability to pay.

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Under the Canadas health care system, individual citizens are provided with basic medical attention. The health care system qualifies all citizens for health care access without considering their financial status, their medical history or the standards of living. Although there has been much political controversy on how the health system is administered, the system has seen Canada emerge with the highest rate of life expectancies and the lowest infant mortality rates. Therefore there are important aspect to consider in order to propose a working health system in the United States of America that will have the same effects as in Canada or even better results in the long run.

To start with, is the proposal of access of health care to everyone in the United States. Like basic need, good health is the core factor in any economic development of a country. The health system in Canada offers the access to health care by all citizens and would be the most influential approach if adopted in the United States. The economy in the United States will depend on the good health of the citizens. Good health means that citizens are able to access medical services at all times regardless of the financial status and other limiting factors beyond their control. The willingness of the doctors to offer this medical services is also important. Considering that willingness is directly proportional to personal motivation which is a responsibility by the government to ensure the health sector is supplied with necessary support to carry out health care services in an efficient way. The role of the government in delivery of services to certain groups of people will achieve the purpose of providing access to health care to everyone. Some of these groups are the people with disability and the poor in the society.

There should essentially be no financial barrier in to health care in United States. The citizens should be allowed to visit doctors of their own choice and be able to benefit from the hospital care at an affordable cost or for free for the poor and the disabled in the society. Working citizen in the United States are not to be forced to depend on their employers for medical services. This will help reduce the risks involved by the workers in losing their jobs in case of failing to cooperate with them. Some of the citizens may have historical medical issues which the employers might find has preexisting and therefore not benefit from the health allowances meant to benefit them.

The establishment of education systems that reduce the cost involved in health services will boost the health system in United States. The government should come up with programs that educate citizens on the importance of embracing health precaution measures to reduce the risks of exposing them to avoidable health risks. If this programs are funded by the government more citizens will be aware and therefore enhance the public awareness about health risks. In Canada, there are health awareness programs that are meant to educate people with disability and some other specific groups. The same should be adopted in the United States to promote equity in health service awareness across the country. A proper health care campaign can reduce the health risks posed by the ignorance of the people and therefore control their health before they get into some serious health problems.

Distribution of health care to all areas of the country regardless of whether these areas are urban or rural areas is a system that will ensure proper distribution of health facilities. The health care revenues are to be redistributed according to the countrys demographics without discriminating the rural areas. The rural areas should get funding to cover all the health costs just like the other urban areas. The health facilities in this rural areas should also be improved to avoid scenarios where citizen have to travel to cities to get medical attention. In the city doctors may not be too many to cater for the needs of all the citizens travelling there or may delay them from getting medical attention in time. Publicly funded health care should be financed with the general revenue collected from the governments federal states and the general taxation from the states. This could be the personal taxes, corporate taxes, the payroll taxes, sales taxes or any other state allowable taxes. The states should be allowed to charge premium taxes to all services to help in paying for the publicly funded health care services. The failure to pay the premium taxes and revenues should not limit the access to the medical services that are necessary to the citizens.

There are also more important aspects of health other than the system itself. There should be a responsibility by all the United States citizens to embrace the public health which includes sanitation and the infectious diseases or related education based on the heath matters. The health expenditure should also be at an acceptable range because pitting into consideration that most of the capital involved in administering proper health services if from levies imposed on the citizens. With the publicly funded health care systems, expenditures vary depending on the demographic factors. In distribution of the health resources there are areas that will receive fewer resources compared to others owing to the bulk of the area. To ensure that areas with higher population are attended to appropriately. States can provide coverage to certain people like the children or old people not able to visit the hospital. This is possible for the health services not covered under the publicly funded health care system.

In the current world technology is taking the better part of human interaction. Advancing the ehealth systems can also help boost the health care delivery systems. The health technologies such has better record keeping based on the recent technologies will help keep the medical history of patients up to date. The patients security should be a point of focus. In the keeping of records, medical errors should be avoided or any other medical advent. The health professionals should be in a position to understand the risks involved in making such errors. The institutions involved should mitigate these risks and provide solutions in cases where these situations arise. Measures engaged to advance the excellence of health care will be geared towards improving the safety of the patient. In most cases also there are conditions that are kept in waiting especially when they dont seem to have emergencies. These conditions deteriorate with time. It is important that no such cases should be allowed. They can all be attended as they arise to help reduce such inconveniences.

The health systems in United States should be aimed at maintaining universality. This may seem politically as a unifying approach but to the most extent it a way to have a well improved health structure. The countrys that face uncoordinated health structures and hence poor health services have no universality. The universal health care strategy comprises of managing the available resources by making sure that the approaches to health care sector are controlled by the government and publicly assigned the resources that are sufficient to meet the health standards. In the United States, there are social programmes that tend to be targeted to specific group and makes workers end up resenting into due to the fact that they feel they are paying for the resources but they cannot get the benefit of enjoying them.

Therefore, the strategy to adopt a proper health care system in the United States should be based on the universal access of health care regardless of the age, employment, income or the status in the society. The health care administration should be done on the state by state basis for proper evaluation. This will help rectify the arising shortcomings in the course of health service delivery. Training of the health workers and the general citizen population should also be encouraged to avoid risks of exposing them to health hazards.

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