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Each day, many thousands of people die from traffic accidents related causes. A good proportion of this number succumbs to injuries on the spot, while ambulating or in the health facility. The deaths that occur naturally on the spot are not as painful as those caused by human error ( Human error implies that the accidents victims are mishandled either at the scene or in the hospital. Research shows that human error related deaths or severe complications are common in the scene of accident and in the health facility (Shah et al 5). Among the complications that occur at the scene of accident include spinal dislocation, blood contamination, respiratory inhibition and amputations. Spinal dislocation occurs at the level of the neck when unconscious of partially conscious victims are loaded onto stretchers (Shah et al 3). At times, first aid givers do not put on protective equipment and may get contaminated or contaminate the victims who are mostly bleeding. Since most first aid givers could be ordinary people who do not have any medical training, its imperative to offer practicable guidelines to follow in case of an accident. To this effect, the following first aid manual is proposed. The manual will aim to educate the public and care givers on the best methods to handle and care for the accident victims.

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The first aid booklet will be made available to its audience in three months from now. Before release, the manual will be composed and designed to serve its purpose. A team of experts will put their thoughts into the booklet to make it effective and practicable. The booklet targets Red Cross volunteers and other people who attend to accident victims. Other ordinary humane citizens will also find utility in the booklet. To reach out to a high number of people, the booklets will be produced in large numbers. The first batch will be having a hundred thousand copies to be distributed to the intended recipients. First aid nurses and tutors from first aid training institutes will be given first priority. The second batch that will follow shortly will have five hundred thousand copies that will be distributed to high schools and colleges. Some will be given to the public on the streets.

The booklets will have eight pages. They will be designed using Microsoft Publisher. A4 paper will be used for printing. Therefore, during designing, the designer will select size A4 in landscape mode. The landscape will allow the final printout to be folded in half to produce a booklet with eight A5 pages. One booklet will be produced at $0.15. This includes both designing and printing. Therefore, approximately $ 90,000 will be expended for the whole process.

Draft booklet

CPR is a procedure that is done in many situations where the patient is experiencing breathing or circulatory problems (Jabre et al 1008). CPR denotes cardiopulmonary resuscitation. In this procedure, the first aid giver ensures that the patient is breathing properly and his blood circulation is working correctly. These two systems in the body are essential for life, and they should be given priority. When doing CPR, several methods are commonly applied. The first method involves manual pumping of blood. Thus, hard presses are done on the chest at the location of the heart. Another method used in CPR is called mouth-to mouth. In this procedure, a caregiver blows into the lungs of the patient to manually pump air into the lungs. Another procedure involves uses of a defibrillator. This device resuscitates the heart by administering an electric shock. Lastly, mechanical ventilation ensures that the lungs receive oxygen which is distributed to all parts of the body. When CPR goes wrong, the patient may die of electric shock or have his ribs broken (Jabre et al 1010). Therefore, its mandatory to know the correct CPR procedure to be able to save a life.

Cover letter

ProCom Limited


Fifth Avenue, LA

Dr. Harz Z. Smart

National association of Trauma specialists

Dear Sir,

Re: First Aid Booklet

As a concerned citizen, I am deeply bothered by the high number of preventable deaths that occur due to human error at the scene of accident. I have noted with remorse that families lose their loved ones due to error caused by their fellow humans; error that is attributed to ignorance of basic facts. Therefore, I write to you regarding this matter, since its only prudent to answer to this call of duty.

Education to the public is a powerful tool that will help to curb this menace once and for all. That said, a proposal is presented to produce booklets that will serve to spread the gospel of safe and productive first aid. The booklets will educate the nurses and other first aid givers as well be used for teaching of first aid in schools. With your approval, the first batch of the booklets will be rolled out after three months. Your expertise and that of your fellow colleagues will be required in this course. Please find attached the proposal plus a draft booklet for review. I am looking forward towards your approval and cooperation.

Best regards

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