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Capital punishment is sanctioned by the government and is also referred to as a death sentence. This comes as a result of crimes that are classified as capital crimes or offences. Examples of such acts are espionage, terrorism or murder. This form of punishment differs with various jurisdictions and occurs in different geographical regions. However, the most widely used method of execution is by hanging of the accused. Over many years, the debate on whether to keep on using capital punishment or to abolish it has been a topic leading to controversies in many states. Currently, 36 countries actively use capital punishment in their jurisdiction, while one hundred and three countries eliminated it for all types of crime. Six states have set it aside for use in major crimes, for example, war crimes, but not to be used for ordinary' crimes, while fifty countries have been dormant in using it for a period exceeding ten years.

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The Holy Bible itself advocates for death as a punishment for crimes such as witchcraft, murder and kidnapping. In today's world, the death punishment has supporters and people who are very much against it. For those that oppose, they're against it for the fear of execution of innocent men due to corrupt judicial systems and political influence. Capital punishment is a common issue that is regularly discussed by the criminal justice systems. Out of all the states, only thirteen of them do not use capital punishment.

However, for those who support the idea of the death penalty they have their defense of how capital punishment is justified and how it helps in reducing crime rates. Frank Carrington who was an activist questioned how capital punishment deterred killing. He mentioned that when the offenders feel threatened with murder, the crime rate will reduce. Franks point was proven by the surrender of criminals to police officers at gunpoint for the fear of being shot. In the same way, they feel threatened by a weapon pointed at them; the same applies to their conscience when committing a crime.

The argument also brings up the issue of the victims rights. That is the right to freedom and the pursuit of happiness. The convicts, at least, get a chance to write wills, say goodbye to loved ones and make last statements. However this is not the case for their victims that they murder without giving them these rights. The increase in crime rates can be checked by implementing and practicing the capital punishment. The Time magazine shows that in the United States 2,000,000 people are victims of crimes such as being shot, knifed, or assaulted.

The crime rates have continuously increased as a result of leniency on the law. With capital punishment, the crime rates will decrease noticeably for it will be stating death for murder cases. Committing murder is done willingly, and no one is forced to commit murder, rape, kidnap or any other form of crime. Since the average citizen has no intentions of committing these crimes, they should not be involved in the debate to support the victims of capital punishment. The judicial system in the United States of America believes that any person that is convicted of a crime after being found guilty did it willingly. That is why some difficult decisions have to be made to put away the criminals for good.

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