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A classroom can be defined as an area in which studying activities are enabled. For the teachers, classrooms are sacred places, which every individual should respect should they decide to use them. This is why teachers are also strict about how students behave whenever they are in class. A classroom can be arranged to suit the needs of the students. These needs vary mostly with the age and subject that is learned within the classroom. For example, the layout of a kindergarten class is different from that of high school chemistry class. Whereas the latter is arranged in a collective way to enable theory and practical lessons, the former is arranged in such a way that there is room for pupils to learn and play. Hence, since most of the learning activities in a kindergarten class are practical and fun involving, the classroom is arranged to meet these needs too. This paper focuses on creating a plan for a center in a future kindergarten classroom.

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The center is going to be a small play area for pupils in the lowest kindergarten class. The center is going to help maintain the attention of the pupils in class using play items. It shall occupy a small area in the corner of the classroom next to the windows. The center shall be set up in such a way that the play items are easy to assemble and store. This will help the pupils learn how to keep their things in order. Most of the children who are registered into the curriculum for kindergarten classes are within the 3-5 age groups. Hence, the center shall be designated for pupils within this age group only. The center shall have items for both boys and girls. Hence, the items shall be stored differently to account for losses. This method will help teach the pupils about responsibility. Nonetheless, the center shall be a general play area such that girls and boys can play together.

The materials needed for the center mainly include toys. The number of pupils in the class is less than the required number hence the materials provided for the class shall be adequate. Fortunately, majority of these items are available in storage. Also, the required furnishings will be obtained freely from some of the parents donations to the school. However, additional items that can be used by both boy and girls such as toy slides will need to be procured. Also, given that there are children special needs and children with sensitive cultural backgrounds, there will be need to purchase additional items to accommodate them. Here, the help of the parents whose children have special needs shall also be required to help design the center.

Curriculum standards that will be addressed using this center include constructive activities, adequate break time for pupils, and a manageable play center. First, the standard on constructive activities stipulates that the center should be developed with the aim of providing kindergarten pupils with something else that is constructive apart from classroom learning. The center shall contain materials such as scrabble boards. These boards can help build language vocabulary while engaging the pupils in a play activity. Also, in accordance with the second standard, the center shall provide pupils with adequate time to break from learning activities. Thirdly, the center shall address the standard on manageability. The center shall be designed in a way that the children can use it safely. This will help reduce any incidents within the playing center.

To assess learning, I shall include some learning activities in the center. As stated above, I shall include scrabble boards to help the pupils in building their vocabulary. In addition, I shall include painting activities in the center to encourage the pupils to draw paintings of new items every day. This shall help the pupils to familiarize themselves with world phenomena. Finally, I shall place scorecards on some play activities for the pupils to cancel out the number of times they have engaged in a play activity. This should help the students understand the concept of numbers as they compete in playing activities.

In support of equal learning opportunities, the center shall be designed to accommodate every student even those who have special needs and those who come from sensitive cultural backgrounds. To enable this, the center shall be marked with words such as All children must play. This will help keep some children from denying others the opportunity to play. Since most of the children use the center, especially girls, the center will provide a variety of items that all the girls can play with. In addition, the center shall have playing rules, which will enable everyone to play. These rules will have to be adhered to ensure equality. Hence, those who disobey will be punished. Different pupils shall be assigned the task of reporting to the class instructor if they note any bad behavior among the pupils. I shall also have the task of ensuring the rules are adhered to by monitoring the center.

A play center is as important to the teacher as it is to the children. As stated above, the center helps the children in their growth process as well as in familiarizing themselves with phenomena. At the same time, it helps the teacher in getting to know his or her pupils in a context outside the normal class activities.

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