Persuading the Customers on the Example of Shark Tank

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When we converse about the status of our businesses, we are required to adopt an influential persuasion style that will help us attract investors or consumers in our business. Adopting a better communication persuasive theory is essential for the advertisement of our products. We are required to understand how to persuade and understand the consumers interests. To understand a good communication theory, let us look at the case study of Shark Tank Episode "Scrub Daddy".

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When I watch the Shark Tank Episode "Scrub Daddy", I will identify possibly say that the Elaboration Likelihood Model Theory is the best persuasion model adopted in the show. I think the model best explains the pitch of the contestant involved in the show. The Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) is a persuasive communication theory that proposes two distinct routes of persuasion. The routes are the peripheral and central routes. In the central route, attitudes of the indented group of people are formed through not only effortless but also extensive processes that scrutinize the message for the quality of its opinions. In contrast, a peripheral route is an attitude formed based on the non-argument cues such as source and mood attractiveness. The Elaboration Likelihood Model offers an integrative model that deal with some of the surprising inconsistencies in the earlier attitude research. ELM is the commonly accepted business communication since the model helps in the attitude change such as the trustworthiness of the source of the message and the mood of the receiver. The Elaboration Likelihood Model is intended to offer the unifying framework that could give details on how the classic inputs into the persuasion could have different consequences, depending on a particular route to persuasion (Shrum et al. p. 6-7).

The Elaboration Likelihood Model argues that when people have both motivation and ability to process the information presented in the persuasive communication, the likelihood of the message elaboration is high, and individuals will take the central route. On the other hand, when the likelihood of the message elaboration is low due to lack of motivation and attitude to process the information, individuals tend to take the peripheral route to persuasion. The route taken by people in the communication process is essential, and the central route is the most effective persuasion model recommended for the success of a business. The ELM is also essential since the model allows tests and demonstrations during the communication process. The tests help in addressing all the critical aspects of advertising, thus influencing the persuasion research in advertising and marketing of a product (Shrum et al. p. 7-9).

When we consider the show, we can conclude that the offer was accepted. The offer was accepted because the Elaboration Likelihood Model was incorporated in the Show so as to change the attitudes of various people in a specific product. Lori Greiner is an investor. Greiner nabbed a deal with Scrub Daddy founder, Aaron Krause in a shows fourth season in 2012. The offer provided by Krause was accepted because of the adoption of the ELM. Krause charmed the Sharks with the energetic live tests and demonstration of his smiley-faced sponge, the scrubbing tool that he claimed that it cleans better, and the material is hygienic compared to the traditional sponge. Greiner accepted that the Scrub Daddy was a perfect product since he had used. Greiner explains that the product was not only clever but also unique. Besides, Greiner says that the product was something that people need and want since the product was consumable, the customers would want to continue purchasing it. Greiner had produced more than 400 inventions, have more than 120 patents, and he has sold over $500 million worth of products on the QVC (Boop, 2015). After Krause and Krause had signed the contract, they accepted their business is booming. Through the conversation involved in the Show, I can say that there was a change in attitudes of various audiences who were convinced to try the contestant products. The constant used attractive communication model that could convince the audiences to use the products. The contestant described the Scrub Daddy as a better product that clean better compared to the other products. By the end of the Show, just about every audience was convinced to try the product. Trough the adoption of the Elaboration Likelihood Model, the contestant was proud because he had changed the attitudes of various people.

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