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Politics and the economy primarily operate in close relationships. Nonetheless, in most cases focus is directed towards studying these two interlinked disciplines separately. From my undergraduate studies, I developed the conception that that political activities determine the state and progress of the economy. In a world where individual states are the primary actors, it is intriguing to understand how sovereign states interact to form mutually interacting economies that sustain the interests of every party without any apparent disagreements. Having strong background studies in politics and international relations, I have acquired the knowledge about the anarchical state of the world economy. I have also developed a critical insight into the factors influencing international relations including the struggle by the individual state to attain political and economic dominance of over each other thus making the world a dangerous place from the political economy standpoint.

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During my postgraduate, I enjoyed and actively participated in courses on international relations and the politics of Europe, which I intend to pursue further in my masters. I anticipate specializing in the political economy of Europe as a general and specifically on way the economies of countries forming Europe contribute to the continent's economic and political status within the international space. For my masters, I have a particular interest in studying Europe because, despite the jostle by individual states to control the world political economy that characterize the world economy, the European countries have integrated to form a seamless political economy dominated by the Euro as a single currency. Pursuing a master degree in the European political economy will not only afford me an opportunity to interrogate some of the historical factors leading to the formation of the European Union, but it will also enable me to test some of the international relations theories and their relevance to contemporary situations. Understanding the unique factors that hold the European political economy together will provide me with a basis for developing proactive policy approaches that respond to the emerging needs of the world.

As a political economist, I am professionally interested in understanding the ways that political and economic institutions complement, reinforce, and clash with each other. Studying the political economy of Europe with a focus on how the states have managed to sustain the operations of an integrated economy will offer me an opportunity to conceptualize how different norms including fairness and efficiency affect economic reforms. Europe provides a different example of a region whose bureaucracies seem adequately developed to overcome the common strains resulting from common occurrences in which individual states pursue stakes causing the collapse of regional economic organizations.

My studies of politics and international relations as an undergraduate bestowed in me a preliminary understanding of the different processes through which economic integrations are achieved, the ways in which political systems operate and the political issues that significantly influence fiscal decisions. This information will enable me to critically assess trends such as single market and the latest Eastward enlargement against a background of the European capitalist models. The information I have about the formation and activities within the European economy will help me to develop a clearer concept of domestic and global politics as well as the issues that necessitate creation and sustenance of the large international organizations such as the United Nations and world trade organization.

Focusing on the political economy of Europe will enable me to test the theories and models of the political economy that best explain the process of European integration and the current transitions in which some countries such as the United Kingdom opt to exit from the union. My undergraduate studies of politics and the operations of the international economy confer in me the relevant analytical skills to understand pertinent issues at play within the Eurozone such as political consensus, consolidation of the regulations, cooperation between the political system of member states and the coordinated goodwill of member for a regional economic transformation.

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