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Currently, as an Upstates Spartanburg finalist student who is majoring in accounting, I am planning to go into the business world upon my graduation. Considering some of the skills I acquired in the college, I am optimistic and eagerly waiting to move into the job market and work with global software, my first to receive my Master's degree in Professional Accountancy at Clemson University and upon those ordering CPA exams to enable me to become the certified public accountant. My second and primary goal after my education goal is to rise to the top to become the senior manager at Flour accounting manager since it will equip me with an outstanding performance to deliver my skills and an opportunity to travel all over the world and grow.

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CPA in a global software company requires tactical and strategic skills. They need to pose strategic skills so that they can plan for the limited resources, account for the organizational fund as well as plan and forecast for the future risk. They need to have tactical skills so as to built several campaigns for various softwares and think about what customers want and the product and services as well (Peltier)

Personal assessment

I am the very hardworking individual with eight years of experience working under a CPA as a bookkeeper and office manager of eighteen different franchises. Since CPA is challenging and requires dedication and hard work for one to pursue it, have developed the spirit of efforts and firm commitments towards my job, ideally, good comments and real appreciation have been part of my work outcome, during the time I was working with one of my former employers, I was in most cases identified high work ethics since I considered working with the organizational policies and not going against the guidelines and procedures in place in the organization. Through my last experience, I have not only gained experience but also learned the QuickBooks and Peachtree and became proficient in them. With the eight years of experience in bookkeeping, as an accounting and bookkeeping, you have to be very creative and able to analyze things analytically and creatively. You must be able to pay attention to small details as well as being able to focus on the small and big ideas (Ross and Carberry). By a large classroom, learning, and general life experience, I equipped and convinced that I would be beneficial and satisfactory to the flour company as a result of my strong believe in following golden rules and taking pride in meeting my deadlines.

Career plan

In my early career, I will acquire my job as an assistant manager to running the accounting department, working as an assistant; I will be able to many of the same functions which are related to directors work since the ability to multitask is important. Through the assistant manager positions, I will develop my weakness which involves getting bored with the same repetitive work, since I will come up with innovative ideas to make work interesting. Through my developing English skills, I will be strengthening them through writing letters, memo, and emails when it comes global communication and communicating the financial position of the company.

In my mid-career, working as the CPA manager in the business, will expose and make me collaborate with different departments within the company which includes, advertising, human resource, procurement, and marketing department. This shows that the decision I will be making will determine if the company succeed and fails. In advance stage of my career working as a senior manager, I will need to make the company achieve the competitive advantage, and I need to be comfortable in making public presentation as well as the ability to interact effectively.


I will continuously learn through attending seminars, continuing my education and performing research

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