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It is difficult to consider the fate of crime patterns since current conditions can change quickly as some criminologist trust that crime rates may inevitably increase as the population of adolescents in the populace increases. Hence, making the age structure of society to be a standout amongst the most vital determinants of the crime rate.

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The majority of the populations that form gangs are the minorities. The past crime rates combined with future demographic projections are relevant in predicting the future trends in juvenile delinquencies. Reason being there is an expectation that nations with a high young population and those in particular between the ages of 5 to 17 are more likely to experience an increase in the rates of juvenile victimization and crimes. Of which these increases will be a result of immigration or an increase in the various age groups (Staler, 2009).

The most common activity by these gangs includes violent crimes such as robbery which are more prone in urban areas with a high population density compared to the countryside. Population density and violent offenses such as theft have a significant and positive correlation. Hence, this criminological fact is important in understanding future trends of crimes in various jurisdictions.

Additionally, there is an increase in the use of firearms related suicides among juveniles. The evidence indicates that over the past few years most of the juveniles offenders committed suicide using guns. Therefore, this data is essential in giving a prediction of future trends with an expectation of lower rates of firearms related deaths in the future since the statistics point out that the number of these deaths declined sharply over the years (Lane, 2006).

On the other hand, about the time of day, juvenile offenders tend to commit violent crimes most often in the time immediately after the close of school within school days. The data records that these aggressive crimes tend to peak at around 3 pm during school days (Lane, 2006). Which is essential in predicting the future in crime with a high probability of more people stand a risk of falling victims of juvenile aggravated assault during these times.

Secondly, the type of violent crimes by juveniles vary during nonschool days and school days. The data on this is essential in predicting when to expect what since these crimes peak within the evening hours during school. The available evidence records a high rate of robbery in the late evenings of both school and non-school days while aggravated assaults usually peak at 8 pm during school days.

Lastly, the time frame involving the use of firearms in violent crimes is similar for adults and juvenile offenders. Both are highly likely to commit crimes involving the use of firearms in the evening hours between 9 and 10 pm. This analysis is essential in knowing what to expect in the future and how to handle the situation. And these violent crimes range from simple assault, robbery, aggravated assault to even violent sexual assault (Staler, 2009).

In conclusion, currently, a lot of crimes are by juvenile offenders, some not reported and some not solved. Most of the offenses by these juvenile delinquents vary depending on the time of the day and the nature in which they happen. Hence, understanding the current nature in which these crimes occur is essential in predicting the future trends and consequently knowing what to expect and when.


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