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The role of any public servant or government agency is to provide a sense of direction, public service, and stewardship of the public resources. In essence, every regulatory activity undertaken by the public institutions should reflect a goodwill to provide for the public interests. The 2007 budgetary allocations of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) upholds these roles. It makes critical investments in the domestic and national security preferences (United States Department of Homeland Security Handbook, 2004). It also adheres to the legislative procedures that govern public expenditure such as the bipartisan budget agreement. The department ensures continuity in economic investments and national security (White, Markowski, Collins & CW Productions, 2010). Through this wise expenditure, the US Department of Homeland Security ensures intergeneration equity in economic development and security.

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The budget confirms that the US Presidency in collaboration with the department of homeland security is committed to meeting the greatest challenges that face the Americans. Some of the initiatives that the homeland security budget and policy respond to include climate change, devastating diseases, economic security, and global leadership (United States Department of Homeland Security Handbook, 2004). It is committed to accelerating the speed of innovation to handle the effects of climate change and research on the most efficient treatments for some of the emerging infects s such as zika virus and HIV. Such initiatives are not only established to respond to the contemporary needs of the civilians but also for the next generations.

The 2017 financial year budget for the Department of Homeland Security incorporates a $40.6 billion in net discretionary funding aimed at carrying out its missions of public interest (United States Department of Homeland Security, 2016). These activities provided for in the budget include prevention of terrorism and enhancing security; ensuring border protection, enforcement, and administration of immigration laws, securing, and the US cyberspace and strengthening domestic preparedness and resilience to disasters (White, Markowski, Collins & CW Productions, 2010). The financial allocations and policies adopted by the department and US administration respond to the fact that it has the public mandate to remain agile and vigilant to emerging threats and other challenges that may befall the civilians.

There has been increased security concerns and anxiety among the Americans concerning its volatility to terrorist attacks. The US foreign policy on counterterrorism which sets it as an enemy to terrorists accounts for the increased attacks. Increased security threats have negatively affected financial investments and activities within the public environments. As a custodian of public resources and interests, the Homeland Department builds on frontline border security technology and infrastructure to safeguard the country.

Through its budget, and activities, The US homeland security undertakes to perform its role as a leader, emissary of public interest and steward of public resources. In its role of preventing terrorism and enhancing homeland security, the department protects the country by leveraging intelligence, technological capacity, and information sharing and counterterrorism policies to ensure a coordinated approach towards securing the US from terrorist attacks (United States Department of Homeland Security Handbook, 2004). It also employs the layered security approach in preventing locals from unfair competition for available resources and market by illegal immigrants and contraband commodities. Nonetheless, it fosters legal trade and travels in response to the US international obligation to enhance cross-border trade. The financial allocations promote investments in security equipment and personnel such as coast guard assets, agents, and front liner officers.

The US government through the DHS understands its role in accepting legal immigrants and treating them in a humane way. Therefore, it focuses on promoting legal immigration while reducing illegal routes. It also humanely unites families while expelling those who are a threat to US public safety, border security, or national security. It also reduces the emerging threats in the cyberspace by supporting sharing of cybersecurity information across government agencies (United States Department of Homeland Security Handbook, 2004). The agency also responds to the threats that face the US such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes through strengthening national preparedness and resilience. It collaborates with multiple agencies to ensure effective response and recovery from different disasters.


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