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I have a Bachelors’s degree in Dental Surgery from the University of Sharjah, and I have completed my Master’s in Hospital Management from Hamden Bin Mohammed Smart University.

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I would like to express my interest in obtaining employment as an operation manager at Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi, with the goal of having valuable experience and opening doors to exciting new opportunities.

What Sort of Education Do I Have?

I believe I am qualified for the operation managers job at Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi because I have both a degree in dental surgery and a Master’s in hospital management. The dental surgery course educated me on how to relate well with patients because dental surgeons come into contact with different kinds of patients. It also equipped me with knowledge on how to treat patients and offer good care to them. The hospital management course, on the other hand, enabled me to learn various things dealing with hospital management. I learned to use the physical and financial resources of a hospital efficiently. I can, therefore, prepare and oversee project budgets in conjunction with project leads. I can analyze financial reports, investigate variances, and provides recommendations to ensure budget targets are met. Moreover, I can prepare invoices, contracts, and budgets for a hospital. I can also oversee the hospital products and ensure that they are performed well and finished in time.

The hospital management course educated me on how to deal with people from different backgrounds and ethnicities. I also gained knowledge on how to create an organizational climate that is beneficial to the growth and development of all Individuals. Also, I acquired knowledge and skills on the overall patient care, research, and community health care related to the organization. I can, therefore, educate other staff and the community members on the benefits of a good health care system.

My Work Experience

I have previously worked in a hospital, and I am familiar with all the hospital terms. I have worked as a medical and health manager in a hospital in Dubai. My job was to organize, coordinate, direct, and supervise the delivery of medical services. Dealing with patients and employees for five years enhanced me to gaining useful communication skills. I learned how to relate to other staff well and to manage conflicts. I came up with strategies that promoted employees engagement and encouraged a healthy culture by ensuring that every employee was entirely dedicated to the shared values, duties, standards, and principles that result positively in the hospital. At the same time, working for five years in the hospital gave me experience on how to deal with different employees and patients. It is because I monitored all staff and ensured that their performance was up to the hospital standards. Also, working as a medical and health manager gave me experience on how to coordinate and organize employees. I hired and recruited staff who met the necessary qualifications and came up with various strategies such as rewarding the employees who did exemplary work. I also motivated them by encouraging the rise of their salaries and conducting performance appraisals to ensure that the hospital staff did their duties and responsibilities well and also made sure that the hospital was staffed and equipped appropriately.

As a medical and health manager, I had to ensure that all hospital staff was updated on the policies and procedures and also the projects that the hospital would carry out. To do this, I came up with a Kanban board where activities of the project were displayed on board. Every part of the project was exhibited on the board so that every member associated with the project would view all activities. I hired adequate and well-skilled information technology staff and also came up with information technological ideas which were equipped in the hospital to ensure that there was effective communication between staff and even with patients. It included a full-duplex communication system that allows both the sender and the receiver to communicate at the same time. There are two channels that are used are the forward and reverse channels. Also, it also included a website where the main issues in the hospital would be addressed. It enhanced the performance in the hospital and gave employees a conducive environment to work. It also ensured that the patients received proper treatment and care and were able to contact the health officers in case of any problem. The information technology system also facilitated viable communication between the managers and the staff thus ensuring that all parties performed their roles and responsibilities in a proper manner. The healthcare system also improved in the hospital, and it was rated the best hospital in the district. I received excellent reviews because of the information and technology systems from the managers, staff, and the community as well. I was also awarded as the best medical and health manager in the district.

My Personal Experience in Management

Also, I developed cross-functional teams that were composed of people with different functional expertise who worked towards a common goal. The teams were made up of employees of the same level but from different work areas. Those teams had a leader who often directed the team through various tasks and disciplines. The cross-functional teams shared their ideas according to their different areas of expertise thus coming up with more creative ideas. It increased the innovation skills of employees in the hospital and enhanced them to make significant decisions in relation to how to improve the health care system in the hospital. It also facilitated the hospital staff to solve their problems more quickly. Moreover, members of the cross-functional teams gained more expertise, knowledge, and experience. It enabled them to be more diverse thus broadening their thoughts and perspectives. It, in turn, increased their level of creativity and hence facilitated productivity in the hospital. The health system in the hospital was strengthened because the cross-functional teams stimulated employees to bring the enthusiasm and engagement they got from working with teams to their traditional roles in the hospital. The cross-functional teams also formed valuable relationships that the hospital used when it was faced with issues that needed inter-departmental collaboration. They encouraged employee development, enhanced work energy thus improving the overall performance and productivity in the hospital organization. It improved the healthcare system because the employees implemented what they learned while in the cross-functional teams.

Why I Am Qualified for This Job?

I want this job since I want to work in a new environment and to interact with various people from different cultures. I believe I will be of great value to your clinic and will do my best to facilitate the better running of activities in your clinic. I am well-skilled and experienced in the delegation of duties, providing direction and coordination, and determining responsibility and authority. I can re-organize tasks in response to new challenges and can also teach, guide, and motivate the hospital team members to ensure that work is centered on the goals and objectives of the healthcare system. I am experienced to monitor employees’ performance and ensure that their work is of high quality. I will also make sure that the goals and objectives are met and make changes where necessary. I can create a detailed plan designed to meet the clinic’s set goals. It involves human resource planning, where decisions are made on the number of staff to be allocated to each department, setting staff salaries and allowances, and even performance assessment and appraisal for the staff. It also involves financial planning, for example, capital investment for the hospital, budget allocation to activities in the clinic, monitoring the healthcare expenditure, setting fees for health services and drugs in the clinic, and decisions on the use of the health income to the hospital. I can apply the achievements to manage staff, develop reliable goals, conducts performance reviews, and ensure sufficient quality and efficiency of operations.

The role of manager vacancy should be filled by a person who possesses the abilities required to lead and manage and also one with the skills and knowledge of health care. I believe I possess those characteristics of a manager since they are very crucial to the success of any organization. I can perform various roles such as making schedules, keeping structure within the environment, regulating care, managing finances, drugs and facilities, and even caring for personnel.

I am hardworking, honest and an individual of high integrity. I look forward to maintaining your already solid reputation for customer service through diligent work and an innate ability to quickly learn and apply new concepts and procedures. I would very much appreciate an opportunity to work in your clinic.

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