Narrative Essay on My Communication Skill Level

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From chapter 2 I have tested persona communicator profile form. I have tested self-acceptance, Belief About, Communication, PRCA-24, and Skill level. At first, I was surprised by the result. I think the result was better than I expected. I figured I was not an accomplished public speaker, but my result was in average.

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When I talk in group discussion, it was hard for me to come up with the question. I am the type of person who is not use to criticize and ask the question so that personality made it difficult for me to continue on deeper group discussion. I have a fear of speaking in front of public. When I am in front of people to give a speech, I tend to go blank. It is hard to keep track of what I am saying when I am in front of public. Therefore, I have to memorize the script to give a speech. For example, when I was in high school while giving a speech in front of the class, my voice did not come out. It was an odd experience I could not even control my voice. It was not just enough sound. I could not talk at all. It was embarrassing because I felt I was noticed by everyone how I was nervous when I speak in front of the class.

Therefore, for the other presentation in different class, I tried to memorize my entire speech script and organize how I will have to give the speech in my head. I practiced a lot to remember my address. As a result, during the speech, I was able to pretend that I was confident. Pretending that I was less nervous while I am speaking in front of the class. It is hard for me to overcome my fear of giving a speech but once I am prepared for the speech I become a little more confident to give the speech, as I am not the type of person who gets nervous while giving the speech in front of individuals.

I feel much more comfortable in talking in dyadic communication. I do not get nervous talking with people who I met first. For example, I have had some opportunities to meet new friends in my church. It is not that hard for me to talk to them first and ask questions to them. I try to maintain the conversation in an interesting manner as much as I can. For me it is more difficult to continue talking with people who I know. It is much easier for me to talk with people I first met because there are many questions that I can ask but once I get to know them, I feel composed and starts to think what to say. I start to feel conscious about awkwardness between the other person and me. Group discussion is most challenging ways of communication. For the most public speaking, there are plenty of times to prepare for it. However, for the group discussion in the class, there is not enough time given for me to make .and there are many question and topics that go unexpectedly. I have to give an answer to the unexpected question from my group. I also have to ask the question to other people during the discussion. For me, that is the hardest part of group discussion. It is hard for me to continue the discussion by asking the question to others. It is hard for me to come up with questions to ask. I get conscious whether I am the asking appropriate question to others opinion because I am not sure if I understood the idea correctly. I had many group discussion experiences since I was in high school .every time I had the group discussion, I did not talk that much. I always felt that I need to have active involvement in group discussion. I do not want to become conscious about whether I am asking right question and opinion.

I was also really surprised my self-acceptance level. Ideally, I had I think I believed myself as the bad communicator. I become conscious when I have to speak in English in front of classmates. I do not want other people to know that I get conscious and I am nervous while making the speech but when I feel that everyone knows that I lost confident much more. I feel inferior, and that feeling is the hardest part of speaking in front of people.

I was surprised by the result of my communication Skill level. It was higher than what I expected. I think I just perceived myself more negatively. Dyadic communication and public speaking were in average ability. However, as I expected, group discussion was lower than the average ability.

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