My Trip to Reality

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A feeling of peace and calmness. I look around, and I love everything I feel and see. All thoughts are leading to a broad smile on my face. Birds are chirping, and there is a faint sound of a baby giggling in the background. The air is fresh, am enjoying the cool breeze, everything smells good and serene. Then something captures my attention; it is too far for me to see clearly it looks like a little white streak far into the trees. I step to the right to get a better view, the sight of the waterfall takes away my breath. Lovely is the only way I can describe it.

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The squeaky sound of the back wheel of the service trolley snatched the beautiful moment. It was a dream. The flight attendant was serving a senior man seated in front of me on the opposite side of the corridor. She had a broad smile on her face as she handed the man the earl gray tea he had requested. The man nodded in appreciation then started to sip his tea. It was evident that he enjoyed his choice. I stared at him wondering what satisfaction he must be getting from a simple cup of tea. Every time he swallowed it, he took a breath and faced forward.

I also want to make choices that will make me face forward and smile, I thought. I looked at the book I was holding, in it, I had written my plans for my excursion through the United Kingdom. In it, I had a layout of the activities I would carry out. It is important for me to understand my Irish roots, my grandparents had told me a lot about my Irish ancestors which made me fervent of my history. I looked at the page again then tore it out. I realized that going on a trip alone did not make me happy. I felt the urge to be surrounded by my family during such a trip. In this way, the excursion would be meaningful as I would not only learn from a traveling agent but my grandparents as well.

My realization that the decision I had made was not well thought made me think of my future. I was aware of my desire to be happy and comfortable with a family, but I had not thought of the way to achieve those goals. My goal in life is to be a parent whose child is proud and can rely on upon all circumstances. I see myself helping my kid do homework and imagine how good it would feel to have him/her look up to me as a hero. Capable of solving all problems to their satisfaction.

I knew I had to make money to accomplish my goals. The important question was how I was going to do it. Despite the temptation to find a job after high school and start earning money, I decided that I would join college. This would provide me with better opportunities to build a career. Higher education provides learners a chance to learn from experts and develop skills that are useful professionally and in social life. The knowledge attained in college help a person in making decisions as one is exposed to an environment where critical thinking is encouraged. By the time the plane landed, all I could think about was going back home to my family and identifying the college I was going to attend.

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