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When I joined my high school, I met Mr. Ali who was the school principal. He was not only an incredible man but also an amazing leader. Mr. Ali was strict, yet a lovable and a selfless person. His amazing personality within the school helped me and my other fellow students grow to be all- rounded students. Interestingly, Mr. Ali knew all the weaknesses, the fears and the strengths of each and every student. My principle was a gentle, hilarious and a strong leader.

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Regarding his style of leadership, he is a man who possessed unique and wonderful qualities of a good leader. He made sure to apply the most effective school leadership practices. Mr. Ali was a no-nonsense man when it came to matters that were relevant to the rules and regulations of the school. It was his daily duty to ensure that all the students and staff arrived at school on the stipulated time. This was regardless of whether they had any problem or not.

He always ensured that his teachers and students were not exposed to any form of trouble. He would do so by taking care of very minute details of the school and its whereabouts. When there were very important announcements to be made, he would announce them during the assembly hours. He was not only the schools principal but also our Mathematics teacher as well. I am happy and thankful to him that I passed with a 90% in his subject.

Mr. Ali always recognized the slogan no man is an island. Unlike many other principals, Mr. Ali was always free and ready to get new ideas from parents, teachers, and students. He continually advised us that disadvantage should never be an obstacle to making our achievements in high school. Basically, his involvement with us, the students, always brightened our day. He did not the idea of staying alone in his magnificent office. As a result, Mr. Ali was ever with the learners in the learning blocks including in the computer lab. Other times, we, the students, were always in his office asking questions. Not many principals would allow students in their offices, but to Mr. Ali, it depicts that he is not arrogant. More so, he listened to all the complaints from the parents and would immediately try to find solutions for the problems.

Importantly, Mr. Ali ensured that all the students participated in the school co-curricular activities. Cultural activities were also no exceptional. In sports, he ensured that the school had a valuable and significant progress as well. Additionally, our school was well known for its great records in all most all the inter-school activities. Such activities helped to boost the schools academics. Everybody perceived our principal as a very ambitious and a consistent man, who always had high expectations for his school and the society in general. He is a leader and a role model to me because he could focus persistently so as to raise the standards of teaching and learning.

As long as the skies remain blue, and the trees remain green, Mr. Ali is a leader I will live to appreciate. He is my role model. I really want to wish him my sincere success in his future. I just realized how I was lucky to have him in my entire high school life. I pray and hope that other slots will appreciate him too, and that they will optimize every chance they have him. Thank you for your care and safety for us Mr. Ali

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