My 24 Hour Life in Palestine during the Time of Jesus

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As a son of God, Jesus is known for doing great things in all places despite the challenges of rejection he faced. For example, his healing of the sick, casting out demons and even raising the dead. However, Jesus always referred to himself as the Son of Man who had the power to deliver as well as forgive, the reason he always gave to the Pharisees regarding their doubt on his power. Being the eve of the Sabbath day, my wife and I struggle to make all possible preparation since we are not allowed to work on this auspicious day, and hence all meals and other essential things are to be prepared on this evening. We arrange what to wear the next day to the synagogue as we had heard that Jesus would be coming there. To us, this is the greatest opportunity to see Him in person since we had heard so much about his miracles in Capernaum, Galilee and different other places (Howick 2003). Besides this, Jesus is the son of God, and the thought of meeting Him meant a lot in one's life since the scripture says that everyone who went to him received miracles. We have many expectations from Jesus regarding his miracles.

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Though the night was so long, it finally dawned, so we wake up quite early than usual, take our meals and off to the synagogue we went. Just close by the Sheep Gate, the sounds of people praising and sneering at the same time catch our attention. On turning, we see Jesus healing a multitude of sick individuals who lay by the pool. All of them stood healed and free from any bondage of paralysis, lameness and even blindness. To our surprise he only healed through speaking and not touching, an action that is so much astonishing. Among these people, there is the man who He goes to and asks him if he wanted to be healed of which he says yes and that same time he stands up free for the first time after 38 years of sickness. Besides this miracle, as He was entering the Synagogue, he saw a man whose hand was disabled and so he could do nothing with it. He felt pity for the man and told him to stretch the hand of which restores to health after following the Messiah's instruction, an action that made the elders furious regarding the laws of the Sabbath. It is so interesting to see this man jump with joy seeing his hand well, a miracle that makes my family wonder more about this Man as the Messiah. Our expectations of seeing him do a miracle have come right though the priests are seen silently thinking of Jesus performing a miracle on this particular day, yet the Laws of Moses clearly indicate this as a sin. It is a wonder however how he answers, leaving them with nothing to say since though they had not complained loudly, he still can read their minds and give them the answer. Truly this is the Son of Man, and there is no doubt about it, but I wonder if any of this people believe Him or only in the miracles. As Witnesses of all these miracles on the Sabbath, my family and I go home in silence with so much fear for this man.


Howick, E. K. (2003). The miracles of Jesus the Messiah. St. George, Utah: WindRiver Pub.

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