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Various features need to be considered during in the construction of the storage facilities of museum collections. Apart from maintaining the safety and security of the objects therein, the museums need to be convenient and accessible for the staff; this requires a thoughtful planning careful monitoring and good design during the construction process. Before the construction process begins, a master plan of the storage facility should be developed either for a new or renovated building. During the development of the master plan, the storage space required is usually put on focus, and this is the most difficult and important task during the construction process. However, consulting with other museums helps in determining the amount of space required. Moreover, the location of objects in the museums also proves a matter of great concern as the storerooms need to be close to curatorial offices which prove challenging in most cases.

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Other factors that require keen focus in the planning and construction of museums are such as the design of the storage space, the selection of the best security hardware and choosing of the basic construction model. The basic construction, however, depends on various factors, mostly climatic. This is because the basic construction of museums must provide the required temperature and humidity for the objects to be stored. Museums should also have proper ventilation and adequate air circulation and provide clean air for the staff and the visitors to the museums. Designers also need to be on the lookout for potential water damage, provide adequate lighting and consider the construction of temporary stores to accommodate excess objects at the site. Additionally, the detection, prevention and suppression of fire in museums also need to be considered to prevent loss of lives when there is a fire outbreak. Finally, during the construction process, the access should be well maintained and free of obstacles to minimize accidents during the construction phase. This is in addition to maintaining cleanliness and monitoring how the materials are used to ensure that there is an efficient use of materials.

With regards to the construction of museums, modern-day contractors need to incorporate various changes, and this is due to the technological changes that have taken place in the society. The master plan of museums can be compressed by the use of modern-day software and hardware such as autoCAD which helps in reducing the bulk of work and make the creation of a master plan much easier. Computers help in the creation of the master plans and incorporate architectural designs thereby improving the strength and use of the buildings in museums. Determination of the storage space and the location of objects in museums also have been revolutionized as there are various techniques that help in making the works much easier for constructors. Maintaining high-level security at museums also becomes an issue of concern when it comes to the construction of the modern-day museums; this is because the availability of CCTV cameras and the alarm systems that are easily installed in museums.Technology has made it possible to tackle security threats, and this is due to the technological advancements; this gives the construction firms the freedom to choose the best security hardware they wish to install in museums to control the high level of theft in museums. The CCTV cameras also help in the monitoring of activities in museums thereby limiting the need to implement the basic construction of the museums to the latter. In this case, the storerooms need not be close to the curatorial offices, and the whole museum can be monitored from one point only. This creates flexibility in the use of the buildings in museums. Finally, climatic factors are minor issues in the construction of modern-day museums as much thought is given to the strength and ambiance of museums.

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