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Better known as the kissing disease, mononucleosis (mono) is as infection that is commonly caused by a virus known as the Epstein-Barr virus. This disease causing virus is transmitted through saliva and hence the name the kissing disease. However, the disease can also be transmitted through coughs and sneezes or by simply sharing utensils with a person who has mono. The prevalence of mononucleosis is among young adults and adolescents. Unlike young children, who show very few symptoms of the disease, for the adolescents and the young adults the disease is likely to occur with all its signs and symptoms (Cunha, 2016).

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According to a research done by the Mayo clinic, the signs and symptoms of the mononucleosis disease are usually fever and sore throats, which are symptoms that lessen within a few weeks. Additionally, fatigue, enlarged lymph nodes and headaches, are some of the signs and symptoms of the disease that may last for several weeks (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2016).

By definition, the determinants of health are the different social, economic, environmental as well as the personal factors that primarily influence the health status. While the context of peoples lives determine their health some of the determinants of health that contribute to the development of this disease are such as the physical environment such as the air we breathe and the social factors which include our community, family and our beliefs.

With regard to the epidemiologic triangle, mononucleosis is caused in the host by an agent, in the presence of a vector known as the Epstein-Barr virus. Many at times, kissing, especially among the young adults is usually the primary environment under which both the disease causing agent and the host are brought together. Like in many other communicable diseases, the community health nurses play a number of crucial role regarding the treatment and prevention of mononucleosis. Firstly, the nurses are responsible for evaluating the physical environment alongside the community health care delivery and prevention systems so as to enhance wellness and to also ensure that the community is free of the disease causing virus (Meadows, 2013).

As a measure to resolve and reduce the impacts of the mononucleosis disease, the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) is recognized as the lead national agency that seeks to address the safety and health of the public. For instance, in matters relating to communicable diseases such as mononucleosis, CDC provides credible information to both the health care professionals and the public as a whole. This essentially helps in the prevention and treatment of the disease (Tharian, 2014).


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