Marketing Orientation in Minor League Baseball

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In this article, the author begins by introducing and expanding the understanding of major league baseball franchises as well as that of the minor league baseball (Derrick, 1999). The difference between the two is pegged on the size (Derrick, 1999). The minor league operates on a smaller scale as compared to the major league. The other difference is in regards to the administration. For the minor league baseball franchises, the administration is less complex and staff is smaller hence a fewer marketing specialist. The introduction helps in forming the background of the research from which the researcher cannot confuse the two leagues (Derrick, 1999).

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Further, the author explains the marketing orientation. At this point, the author explains four business philosophies towards the marketplace. The philosophies include the product concept, production concept, selling concept and marketing concept (Derrick, 1999).

With the above explanations, the author then finds it a little easy to carry out the purpose of the research. In this case, the research aims at finding out the degree to which the marketing data is gathered and used to inform the decision-making process in minor league baseball operations. In carrying out the research, the author focused on the three highest levels of minor league baseball. The survey instrument that was used had 12 Likert-scaled statements (Derrick, 1999).

The study finds that most of the minor leagues' operations are minimally oriented towards marketing orientation (Derrick, 1999). It then implies that the minor league baseball operations have not progressed past the aggressive selling concept. Therefore, for the minor leagues to be competitive, there is need to change the operation philosophy. However, changing concept means that the individuals have to research on the demographics and psychographics of the customer base.

For the research to gain ground and its validity stand, there is a need for future research to concentrate on similar industries. It is from this that comparison can then be made. I find the research well thought and the study properly carried out. The researcher has delved in an area that has for a long time not been covered as most research focus on the major leagues. However, the method of disseminating the survey instrument and making follow-ups need to be improved on. The response rate for the research is quite low. Nonetheless, the results gotten have been instrumental in determining whether the general managers in minor league perceived their jobs as one on promotions and sales or if they believed that having strategic marketing was also essential.


Derrick, J. D. (1999). Marketing orientation in minor league baseball. The Cyber-Journal of Sport Marketing, 3(2), 1-6. Retrieved from on 4/6/2017.

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