Managing Change and Innovation in Public Service Organizations

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The management has realized that the company is experiencing difficulties in running of its activities, and this has resulted in the decline of profitability. The decrease in the profitability and turnover has been as a result of various causes that arise from both the macro and the microenvironment. As a new human resource manager, my main role will be to try and facilitate and implement changes on how different activities are conducted. The company is facing severe problems that require radical measures to facilitate survival in the aviation industry. In the short period, I have been around; I have identified critical areas that require the attention of all the employees together with the management.

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Before my current post, I worked for Ryanair Airlines, which were the main competitor of Flyhigh plc. Due this I have a wealth of experience in matters pertaining management and aviation affairs. One of the crucial components that enable any organization to perform well is sound procedures and mechanism in addressing micro variables affecting the employees. In the short period, I have noticed a few areas that require being addressed to improve the quality of service delivery within the company and to the clients. The high number of the employees turnover is one of the causes of the decline of profitability within the organization (Brown 2012). The employee turnover usually results from numerous reasons such as the poaching from the competitors, better remuneration in other companies, poor working conditions in the organization, low motivation and other factors arising from the management. As a new HR manager will strive to impact some mechanisms that will reduce the high levels of employees turnover experienced in the company. To achieve this goal, all the stakeholders will meet and develop transparent mechanism procedure of remuneration and mode of bonus payment. The salaries across the board will be equal and will depend on with the job group as well as the necessary qualifications. Unlike in the past where salaries and bonuses were no based on merits and qualification, I will ensure that changes and through this try to boost the motivation of all employees (Brown 2012).Salaries and wages will be paid on timely to ensure that there is no delay which brings about inconveniences and as a result reduce motivation which is crucial for the organization. In my experience as the HR manager in my previous companies, I realized there was a direct correlation between the employees motivation and productivity. Due to this, I will do everything in my power to ensure that there are clear guidelines on the salaries and bonus allocation. The sale of stake by the majority shareholder Muhammad will bring in place new management and the employees need to brace themselves for the change in top management.

In the recent past, the company has been forced to pay damages to former employees due to the weak procedural mechanisms in terminating their employment. Muhammad, who is the majority shareholder, has taken the role of hiring and firing at will, and this is as a result of poor hiring and selection process in the company. The company brand image is negatively presented as a result of increasing number of legal suits relating the management. The awarding of damages, as well as legal fees incurred, reduces the profitability of the company, and this translates to the low returns to the shareholders. The above cases of wrongful termination of employees have resulted from the lack of proper guidelines and procedures in the human resources department. As a result of these, I have taken drastic measures to ensure that employment will be mainly done on merit basis and no use of orthodox methods. Depending on several factors such as the qualifications, experience and the talent of the individual my department in consultation with other relevant departments will determine the type of contract or the mode of employment. The employment terms will be both permanent and pensionable or inform of contract basis. In the terms of the contract, it will be renewed after a span of two years depending on the performance of the individuals in performing his or her duties. The new recruitment and selection process will include the job descriptions as well as the roles and objectives of the employees. The main reason for including job description in the process of selection and recruitment will ensure that an employee talent is well utilized and hence boost his motivation to work in the field he or she likes. Through this, the rate of turnover will decline and hence improve the profitability of the company. Training for all employees will be initiated within the organization and through this, the employees will be trained on all matters pertaining different activities within the organization (Brown 2012). The training will facilitate easy movement of employees within the organization, and the management will be able to deploy them in areas that experience shortages and hence increase efficiency.

The other issue that I have identified and required change is on how the employees are represented by different union bodies within the organization. The representation of employees by two trade unions makes it difficult for the management to make an amicable bargaining without wasting time and resources. The employees need to decide which trade union will represent them on matters pertaining their welfare within the organization. The adoption of a single trade union will facilitate the organization ability to cater for all the employees demands easily and using shortest duration possible. The employees will have the chance to determine which trade union that will represent their grievances to the management. The flow of information will require to change and adopt a mechanism facilitate the easy movement of information from top to down and vice-versa. The individuals have to take responsibility should anything wrong happen in their working station. The planned changes will ensure an increase in profitability as well as offer the company with the competitive advantages it requires to grow in the economy.

Job advertisement

FLYHIGH AIRLINE Job Advertisement

Vacancy: Cabin Crew

Location; London United Kingdom

The Flyhigh airline is rapidly and successfully expanding and establishing its position in the airline which has created the need for more staff. Our destinations are increasing as well as our customer base and delivering services effectively additional cabin crew is needed. Our vision mission is to be the leading airline in the industry while providing first class services and experience to our customers. We have a vacancy for cabin crew who are needed to help fulfill our mission as well as be part of our growth.

Responsibilities of the cabin crew include;

To welcome the passengers on board the flight and direct them to their seats. They are expected to reassure passengers of their safety in case of an emergency.

Information delivery from the pilot to the passengers

They are supposed to complete the flight paperwork upon landing inform of reports

Taking care of passengers needs which include serving them with food and drinks and selling duty-free goods among others.

They need to be able to offer first aid to passengers in case the need arises.

They are supposed to carry out pre-flight duties which include attending briefings

Job requirements

A high school diploma or equivalent with at least 4 GCSEs grade c in both math and English.

Flight attendant entry level education

Age requirement 21 years and 45 years

Should have first aid training or a certificate in the field from a recognized body

An additional language is an added advantage

A recommendation in customer services and relations


At least have one-year work experience with a recognized airline.

FlyHigh prides itself with excellent customer services which have been our focus and we need an individual who can live up to this particular expectation and who can facilitate the achievement of our long-term goals. The salary package will be discussed upon receiving the position, but it is standard just like what other flight attendants.

The position remains open for all suitable candidates


Brown, K. and Osborne, S.P., 2012. Managing change and innovation in public service organizations. Routledge.

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