Making It in the U.S., More Than Just Hard Work

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When people think about how other people make in life, they may think it is just about hard work but, in reality, making in life is not just about hard work but, it is beyond hard work. Ideally, when you look around in the U.S, you find there is more at play and stake. People in the country are driven by the meaningfulness of their work and by the amount of efforts they put in other aspects of life. In the United States of America, study shows that white families are more likely to prosper in life than the blacks. These families are thus more likely to enjoy economic advantages that either the Blacks or the Hispanics even if their salaries are similar. These issues affect the living in U.S and shows that it is not just hard work in U.S, but it is beyond hard work.

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Ideally, in America, the larger the amount of financial wealth a family has, the more that family can enjoy the economic advantage of the country. Furthermore, such families are in a position to further accumulate financial wealth over a short period. Therefore, it means that a person makes in U.S if he or she belongs to a class that is financially endowed. In other words, it is easier to get rich in America, if one has already accumulated a lot of finances or if the parents of such an individual were financially endowed. For instance, the blacks and Hispanics are less likely to make than the whites since the whites hard already established their roots as far as financial resources are concerned. It means that the whites have much money to invest in various businesses than either the Hispanics or blacks, and they are in a position to enjoy their lives more than the latter.

Research also shows that people who are more likely to make in U.S are those who had gone through the college system and acquired education. It is believed that such people have the opportunity to get good jobs which in turn allow them to accumulate a lot of financial resources. It is through the accumulation of the financial wealth that they join the high class group who enjoy economic advantage of the country. Ideally, such people might not have had good money to start with like majority of the whites, but because they went through good schools and finally made to the college, they later joined the high-class people who enjoy the U.S economy.

Another aspect that affects how an individual makes in U.S apart from hard work is the racial class. It is believed that the whites are more likely to make in U.S than the blacks and Hispanics. The whites have more advantages than either the whites or the blacks. The whites have the advantage of being assisted by their white counterparts because they are financially endowed. For example, if a white person wants to start a business, he or she can easily get financial assistance unlike the blacks who have to struggle hard. Indiscrimination regarding job opportunities has also been attributed to the making in U.S. The blacks and Hispanics have been subjected to discrimination in U.S because of their races and thus, it impossible for them to make, unlike the whites who can easily access job opportunities. Therefore, making in U.S is not just about hard work alone, but it involves other aspects of life.

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