Tasks to Improve Employee Relations

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Self Assessment 1

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On authenticity at work, I am generally real and true to my person. Honesty and authenticity are my personal characteristics. This includes seeing people, situations and things for what they really are without any form of bias or undue influence from either internal or external forces. I refrain from situations that may compromise my virtues and professionalism.

At any point or situation, I exhibit my real emotions without hiding them from people as this is the best and only way workmates can know me better. It is in knowing me that they will learn how to relate and associate with me in the workplace in a manner I deem fit. This also plays a part in avoiding unnecessary interactions which may lead to arguments. However, in the case where I end up in an argument with anyone, I stand my ground and I feel inclined to give in to other peoples opinions especially when they do not align with mine or are against my personal ethics. Moreover, it will involve me suppressing my own emotions just to let the other people have it their way and this makes me uncomfortable.

Completing this assessment has made me more aware of my emotions and how important it is to be honest with myself. To me, I count this as strength since one cannot be authentic and true to the world without first being true to themselves. Authenticity is radiated from the inside spreading outwards and not the other way round. This assessment exercise has increased my self-understanding and taken it to another level. A level where I dont have to change my honesty or compromise it for anyone regardless of the position they hold. Instead, it has motivated me to hold on to the same.

I can be a more effective ethical change agent to my fellow colleagues and the world in general by:

1. Upholding and exercising honesty in my daily practices.

2. Encouraging my employees to do the same.

Self Assessment 2

As far as the workplace is concerned, I am well meaning and kind. I offer my time and attention to anyone genuinely interested in it. I am always there to offer a helping hand to the stuck employees. I always give them a listening ear and for that reason I have a better understanding of my employees at a personal level. When asked, I can give a detailed summary of each employee starting from family life, work challenges and even personal problems.

To them, I am more of a personal friend and that elder sibling that they can always run to in areas they need guidance. I do not overlook the importance of being nice to them as it makes them open up easily to me hence, facilitates them seeing me as a symbol of hope rather than a cold boss who means work all the time. I cannot stress enough the essence of being warm towards my employees and Im always aiming to create a family environment in the workplace. Besides, it is nice to be important but more important to be nice.

However, I am not interested in every aspect of my employees life and feel inclined to participate in their special days such as weddings and funerals. Perhaps, I do this to maintain the boundary between my personal life and professional life which is equally important. Empathy is ethical and the best way to be a change agent in the workplace is only if you can understand and be in a position to feel the real emotions of your employees.

Steps I will take to improve this include:

1. Listening more and talking less.

2. Being there for my employees in their special days

Self Assessment 3

Concerning the company in relation to the employees, I think it treats the employees fairly. From personal encounters and word from fellow colleagues, no one complains about the company. The employees seem content with the firm. Unlike other companies where respect follows a hierarchical style, this company proves different as everyone is respected equally. For instance, you will not find the senior employees suppressing the junior ones or the junior ones being rude to clients.

Dignity is upheld at all times. However I strongly think the company can improve on the way they reward the employees. Rewarding the employees is a major form of motivation and if implemented can greatly work changes on the employees perspective of the company. This is a weakness that the company is facing but can readily be turned around for own advantage.

Steps to be taken to make this change more effective include:

1. Setting targets for employees.

2. Rewarding the employees once they achieve those targets.

3. Acknowledging the diligent employees regularly, for example monthly.

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