Main Source of Motivation in Studies

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Education is fundamental in this era that we are living. I am aware of the many advantages that educated people enjoy in my country. There are many employment opportunities due to the increasing demand for business professionals especially in management. Businesses are thriving well due to favorable conditions that the government has created. These reasons motivate me to advance in my education and take a course in Master Degree Programme in Management on a university level so that I can become a professional in the business industry.

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I have always wanted to work for an international company, work in an analytical environment, and being involved in strategic issues in an organization. However, for me to achieve these dreams, I have to acquire adequate knowledge and exposure in an excellent institution to be able to build my skills. I have a good foundation in business education since I completed a course in Bachelor of Arts in Business Management at the University of South Wales in the United Kingdom. I attained a double degree with a first class honors degree. In the preceding year (2015), I enrolled in Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Germany where I took a course in Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with major logistics. I was privileged to graduate among the best students with an added special distinction as the top student in the class. Apart from these great achievements, I also scooped a Monning-Competence Award in the year 2014 and a BVL Thesis Award that was awarded by the German Supply Chain Association in the year 2015 respectively.

I have had sufficient experience in business administration since I was employed as a company support at the Kuehne + Nagel in Zurich, Switzerland. In that organization, I had several roles in different departments such as field of business analytics, reporting and logistics service procurement. My duty was to support the activities in the environment of a fourth-party.

Logistics provider as part of the logistics management dedicated to multinational pharma client. Since the beginning of this year, I have been attending classes in Spanish course language in Argentina and also engaging in voluntary work in a local association. I have a passion for helping people in my community, and this drives me to work even harder to accomplishing my ambitions in life. I spend most of my leisure time reading and researching about business activities to get a better understanding of the legal procedures that are involved in business.

My main source of motivation in studies is to gain a profound academic knowledge related to management topics and further develop soft skills.

I have always had a chance to lead my colleagues whether in school or home activities. Hence, leading is a gift bestowed on me, and I believe that I perfectly fit in any management position provided that I get sufficient knowledge, skills, and experience. I am willing to go an extra mile to fulfill this burning desire and impact the business community in a positive way.

Business is a comprehensive way of life; therefore, undertaking this course in an international master programme will highly be of significance to me. I want to join an international university to get the exposure to diverse cultures and lifestyles since I will interact with numerous people from different regions in the world. Also, in an international school, I will have an ample time to study since it is equipped with all the facilities such as excellent libraries and a competent team of staffs. After going through such an institution, there will be nothing to hold me back from becoming the successful professional that I have always wanted to be. I will also be in a good position to start a business firm and impact the society in a positive way by creating more employment opportunities and improving professionalism in business.

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