Main Purpose for Attending College

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My goal of attending college is to devote all my time to further my knowledge in my area of specialization career wise. Thus, in college, am exposed to both specific and general knowledge that familiarizes me with enough knowledge that will enrich me in the field of my career hence that is why attending college am now.

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What do you want to gain from your efforts? What motivates you the most to succeed in school?

After my college education is over, I will be glad to have good grades that will propel me to a good job. Equally, to have sufficient skills useful in my professional and personal life. The motivation behind for me to succeed in school is getting a job that will be highly paying.

Ways you can become involved at Seneca

Beyond my academic work, I will take part in other co-curricular activities that contribute positively to my socializing outside of the classroom. I will favor recreation and athletics as my other activities in college.

Resources you can use

I will be using the fast pitch for my training and exercise since I would love to be named one day as an athlete of the week. Secondly, I will also be part of the swimming galore on the campus.

What Grades do you hope to achieve (be realistic) something about GPA

I dont compromise of attaining good grades at school. I will aim for first class.

What strengths and areas for improvement do you plan to focus on this semester?

In the course of this semester, I would be focusing on how to balance my student life as well as personal life. Equally, I will be trying to become a more reflective student and being a better student. Apart from these, I will also be focusing on the following; Time Management. I will apportion all my plans to fit into the quadrant time, that is, not urgent but important activities, urgent and important, urgent but not important and finally, not urgent and not important. Through this, I will know which item requires my attention and how vital it is.

What can you do to improve academic performance?

For me to improve my grades, I will self-regulate my learning methods. Secondly, I will set for myself attainable educational goals. Thirdly, develop strategies that will propel me to attain these aims. Fourth, attend all the workshops and events that support my academic engagement and success. Equally, I will embrace co-curricular in the course of the reading week. Finally, reflect on my academic performance at the end of the semester.

Factors that make following your plan difficult with steps to mitigate

I usually plan well, but at the end of the semester, I cant attain all my plans. The reason behind is that I partially commit myself to accomplishing all my plans. Thus, I will from now fully commit myself to attain the solid plans or goals.

What are your plans for next semester?

For next semester, I will be studying quite a lot. Have enough rest during the weekends. Do some exercises which are nice too. Finally, try as much as possible to get good grades and not directly passing.

What are your educational or career goals for after you leave Seneca? How did you decide them? What were the influences on your decision?

After Seneca, am planning to pursue an additional career training. The new career to be on the certification path. Secondly, look for a well-paying job that will secure for me an improved financial outlook. All these after Seneca plans are enshrined in my heart carefully. I reached them through ideas I got from the previous career organized workshops. All these decisions have made are being influenced by better pay at the end of achieving them. Money matters a lot in my plans.

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