Literary Analysis Essay on Wedding at the Cross by Ngugi Wa Thiong'o

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Post-colonialism supported the conversion of many Africans to Christianity since they wanted to feel the goodness of the religion just like the British colonizers used to do. Religion has converted Wariuki from who he was what his wife Miriamu and his father-in-law saw in him. In the early ages of Wariuki, he was a miserable boy who owned nothing in his pockets and baggy trousers. According to (Thiong'o, 98), Wariuki was just a poor African boy who got his little coins by working as a milk vendor in one the towns named Molo. On the other hand, Miriamu is the daughter of Jones, and this family has very different living class as compared to that of Wariuki. By any chance, the ends can meet, and as a believer, it is all by faith. The relationship between religion and what Wariuki was after in his interest in Miriamu is quite different. The colonial impact on the nation was to introduce a different ritual regarding how marriages were being carried out during pre-colonial period. The Christian religion had converted many believers who supported marriages to take place at the cross (Thiong'o, 99). Douglas Jones is a strong believer in his religion, and in this, he doesn't support his daughter to get married to a poor boy without the basics of religion and wealth (Thiong'o, 100).

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From the Wariuki's persistence in getting away with this girl he has been hunting for that long, he is forced to face a council of elders who speaks the same language as Jones concerning the relationship between Wariuki and Miriamu. Religion plays a great role to protect the girl and to put off wariuki, but in my opinion, it is the right way to go. "We do not object this union. But it must take place at the cross" (Thiong'o, 100). According to the quotation above, the Christian faith and more so, the norms of the religion should convert are doing right. From the nature and manner of events, the religion should be supported in ensuring that all things are done without any opposition because it's by choice and not by force. When looking at what Wariuki passed through in the colonial period, he went through wars to fight the Germans and still ended up poor (Thiong'o, 103). Due to lack of simple faith and the religion teachings, Wariuki ended up dumping his mother and the wife who wad expectant at the moment. Again, Wariuki is so disappointed about life, and all he is looking for is a success. After the colonial period, things have changed, and all the barriers evacuated to enable his success.

In the post-colonialism period, Wariuki's ends have eventually met. Through the church and interventions of Livingstone who is a Christian, Wariuki's success has just showed, and showers of richness started to pour in his yard. According to the term white mask', as referred by fanon, it is quite unexpected change to find wariuki as a believer. What has made Wariuki adopt the Christianity is because this kind of lifestyle belonged to those British individuals who were rich and learned. In his old days, Wariuki's life was just miserable, and he had little hope in achieving anything valuable in life. Again during the colonial period, all the good things like fashions belonged to the rich and Christians. The religion seemed to support the better part of life, and so Wariuki has adopted this religion to feel the standards of the class he didn't afford during the colonial period. Additionally, in the postcolonialism, religion belonged to the native people since the British were gone.

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