Literary Analysis Essay on Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Passage: You come so close to flawless from the power of nature that this trivial probable, which we hesitate to consider a flaw to beauty, shudders me, as being discernible indicator of worldly imperfection.

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Question: How is "The Birthmark" prefigured?

Issue: issue of human nature. The question elucidates how the birthmark was perceived as being a supernatural thing. In his very first insight about the "birthmark," the author elucidates that it is a symbol. In a deeper evaluation, a symbol of mortality. The narrator suggests that it is natural and a must for any living thing to die. He does not believe in the existence of immortality in this world. The birthmark, therefore, indicates Georgiana's human nature, which Hawthorn compares and associate to her imperfections. Throughout the story, the author argues that it is normal and human nature to be mortal and flawed.

Critical approach: Myth criticism. This approach is in most cases, involve the accounts of supernatural occurrences and thing that human beings cannot control. The myth criticism grasps and evaluate the general exhibition of the integrative powers that emanates from the complexities of the general human perception. Even with all the mythical attributes in science, magical and arts, Aylmer had, he could not control the powers of the nature. Though he succeeded in getting rid of the blemish, the end results were far much lethal. He lost a wife.

Answer: the birthmark was perceived as a representation of imperfection. It clarified the mortality nature of human beings as well as the detachment of physical human body and the unseen spiritual aspects, which no given human being can control.

Question assignment.

Question 1

A sorcerer is someone who believes in and can perform mystical or thrilling tricks of magic. A scientist is an individual who employs certain ideas or tests in unclear natural subjects, with the prime aim of obtaining more and clear understanding that defines and forecasts these natural subjects. On the other hand, an artist is anyone who has an idealism of innovation, especially in a given skill or imagination, but in a wider scale, he engages in conception, practicing and demonstration of art (Hawthorne, 2017).

Aylmer being described as a scientist, a sorcerer, and an artist, and the fact that he fails in these aspects, it helps the plot to pinpoint its core message that there are big-time lessons to be cultured on the facet of mortality, human nature and inadequacy and also the detachment of the physical body and spirit. This is shown by the author's claim that, if Aylmer had found deeper wisdom, then he did not have to toss away his contentment (Hawthorne, 2017).

Question 2.

In my view, the birthmark represents Aylmer's obsession with his wife. In a deeper meaning, the birthmark is a sigh of mortality. It is the birthmark that he loves more in his wife. But conferring to the author's view, nature has its way that everything ultimately perishes. Even with all his science, magical power, and artistic skills, he could not be able to save his wife from death, despite the successful removal of the birthmark.

Question 3.

The primary notion in the Baraban's story is vengeance. One of the casts Montresor has in many occasions grieved endless injuries and insults from Fortunato, and for that case, he seeks revenge (Poe, Strutz, Brisson & Jang, 2016).

Question 4.

The main argument is that insult implicates disrespect while injury assumes a conflict of communally equal foes. In the story, Fortunato has no clue about Montresor's heritage. Consequently, the two initially had a healthy social lives but despite this, failure of Fortunato to know Montresor's custom shows that he was an inactive fellow in their community. Any active member of society, would with no doubt be identified (Poe, Strutz, Brisson & Jang, 2016)..Works Cited

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Poe, E., Strutz, J., Brisson, E., & Jang, E. (2016). The Cask of Amontillado, Issue 1 (1st ed.).

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