Spotlight Sparkle: Business Idea and Mission Statement

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The mission statement specifies what the mission of the business is (Doing Business Report, 2013). For Spotlight Sparkle, it is, To provide services that will enhance our customers mental relaxation and physical appearance. The business aims to provide a personalized service to the clients, exhibiting genuine concern for all the customers, and demonstrating ethical relationships and behavior in furthering the success of Spotlight Sparkle, as well as meeting the needs and preferences of our clients and exalting them. Doing Business Report (2013) posits that before starting a business, the vision should be established. It will provide the long-term vision of Spotlight Sparkle, which is To be the leaders in image consulting services in New Zealand. We seek to maintain a socially responsible stance that will be reiterated in our services in making our clients be contented with their physical appearance, as well as maintaining positive partner relationships with our customers. The business will be based on reciprocity and trust and will offer high-quality beatification, cosmetic, and styling services to our customers in Nelson. The business goals within a year is selecting a good medium for advertising the business such as the web via social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. It will also seek to increase sales volume by 35% within the third quarter of operation. It will be achieved through the proper relation between the staff, customers, and entire community. To run the consultancy, Spotlight Sparkle has to recruit and train professionals for the company with the aim at sharpening their skills in dealing with the clients. The business also has to build a recognition of the business among individuals seeking image consultancy in Nelson. For this reason, Spotlight Sparkle has to build a positive rapport for the business launch, and maintain positive communication with collaborating businesses, especially those which supply the products used in the firm, including clothes, hair, cosmetic appliances among other needs. Since it is the 21st century where businesses capitalize on the internet to generate sales and market the business, Spotlight Sparkle will have to develop a website for the firm within a month of the companys operation.

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To effectively and profitably operate in Nelson, Spotlight Sparkle will aim at satisfying its clients. This will be reached by establishing a rapport as well as set up contracts with the television, acting, as well as live performance companies for celebrities in Nelson area. In addition, it has to expand to facilitate the growth of the brand, and thus, it has to establish other four branches of the business in New Zealand. Besides, Spotlight Sparkle has to build the companys image to gain recognition in the whole of New Zealand. To facilitate a better image, it has to participate in corporate social responsibility aspects, such as supporting community services to ensure the company is well marketed.

1.4. Unique Selling Preposition

a. Target customers

The business will majorly target the Asian men and women, ordinary people and immigrants. The Asian community in Nelson have limited image consultancy in Nelson hence starting the business will bridge the gap in the market. The citizens of Nelson and any immigrants are potential customers who need new and better services in image consulting services which the business will be offering. It will involve product development where new skills and services in image consultancy will be offered in Nelson. Each group of the target clients will have its own specialists from the business to offer advice and talks to them on the global trends in personality, appearance and body language use. Personalization of the employees skills will enable them to perform best in the areas they are most skilled at hence offering the best services to the clients. These clients require people who understand their work policies hence will offer them beauty advice that links with how they are expected to look in the workplaces. Kirkwood and Viitanen (2015) pointed out that it is important to note that the country is composed of an aging population and Christmas is the high season for retail sales. Therefore, the business will also target aging population.

b. Services offered

The business will offer wardrobe detox whereby any clients who need to change their clothing and shoes will be advised on the clothes they need to give out and purchase new ones. There will also be personal shopping services for clients who are quite busy and do not have adequate time to buy new accessories and clothing. It will also target to serve clients who prefer consultants to assist them in buying clothing as they have poor choices when making purchases. The business purposes to serve such clients. Body language services are also to be offered and they will include non-verbal communication advice such as making eye contact, handshaking, and etiquette. The business will also offer wedding services. In essence, sessions with Spotlight Sparkle will provide valuable information about the color and style of both the bridesmaids and groomsmen for weddings, as well as their hairstyles. It will offer outfits that will make the parents of the groom and brides feel wonderful and confident. Besides, it will offer the bride and the groom with outfits, that will make them appear more confident, shapely, and beautiful for the occasion. In addition, For instance, Kirkwood and Viitanen (2015) pointed out that it is important to note that the New Zealand is composed of an aging population and Christmas is the high season for retail sales. For this reason, Spotlight Sparkle will also target the aging population, and since the sales are high at Christmas, it will also target families, who celebrate in the festive season.

c. Offline and online platforms

The business is set to operate both offline and online to ensure there is flexibility for clients. The online platform will serve clients who live in far geographical areas from the business premises as well as those with tight work schedules that limit them from having enough time to visit the offices for one-on-one interactions. In essence, according to the United Trade Administration (2015), the Internet is becoming an essential avenue of selling products and services. Skype, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, the website chat handle and Twitter will be the online platforms in use. A customer service employee will control the social media and chat handles of the business. The offline services will serve the clients who can easily reach the business offices for image consultancy services. Face-to-face interviews and discussions will be offered to the clients in the business premises or at any location that suits the client.

d. Customization of services

Various clients require different services. The business will ensure it serves every clients needs as long as it is within image consulting services. For instance, if a client asks for wardrobe detox on official dressing only, he or she will receive the service despite asking for particular services instead of having a complete wardrobe detox.

e. Discounts for referrals and return clients

There will be 10% discounts to every person who refers a friend or any new client to the business. The frequent customers will also have a chance to get discounts for being loyal customers. Data of every client served will be gathered to ensure one identifies return clients. The loyal clients who bring new clients will also be noted and offered discounts on any services they ask of.

2. Environmental Analysis

2.1. Competitor Analysis

The competitor analysis is very vital in identifying the key competitors in the image consultancy business in Nelson, which will enable the firm to adopt strategies that can nullify or mitigate the competition, and thus, ensure that the business registers profits. The analysis will make an evaluation of the strategies adopted by these competitors, and subsequently, determine their strengths and weaknesses about Spotlight Sparkles strategies. Therefore, the analysis will enable the company to differentiate its services to gain a competitive edge that can subsequently maintain the companys profitability. As already mentioned, Spotlight Sparkle only has two major competitors in Nelson area; these are Indigo Style and Judy Crowe. The following table represents the competitive analysis of Spotlight Sparkle:

Competitors Name Services Offered

Indigo Style The business offers a variety of services including personal stylist, color analysis, image and style consultations, wardrobe audits, make-up lessons, personal shopping trips, makeovers, and beauty therapy. The company has a website, but it is not working. The prices are exorbitant as their lowest services cost $100 an hour for wardrobe makeover, $70 per hour for personal shopping, a two-hour shape/style analysis for shape and style analysis for $200. The price for color analysis for 1.5 hours is $150.

Judy Crowe Judy Crowe offers image consultancy and stylist services for both men and women, and it has differentiated its services to capture weddings. It offers color analysis whereby it enables its clients to discover colors that make them feel great and look good. It also provides shape and style analysis, where the business offers its customers with an opportunity to highlight their assets and minimize their bodily flaws. It also offers personal shopping whereby it sets a scene for its clients to buy their items confidently. The business also offers wardrobe makeovers by providing advice to customers on what they need to put on as makeover and what they should not use. The companys website is well designed and working. The link to the companys website is

The prices are exorbitant as their lowest services cost $100 an hour for wardrobe makeover, $70 per hour for personal shopping, a two-hour shape/style analysis for shape and style analysis. This includes a figure/wardrobe book at $50 while also offering discounts for groups of two or more. This service costs $210. In addition, the price for color analysis for 1.5 hours, that is inclusive of color palette at $75, costs $195. For this reason, the prices are high.

2.2. Competitive Advantage

Over Indigo Style, Spotlight Sparkle will offer most of the services that Spotlight Sparkle will offer. However, Indigo Style has not established a target market. With Spotlight Sparkle targeting Asian clients, it will have differentiated services and well-established target market. Spotlight sparkle will also have an online visibility with a working website, as well as capitalize on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. The prices for the services will significantly be lower. It will also offer discounted pricing for all customers, and a further discount for repeat customers. In essence, this will allow the company to maintain customer loyalty, as well as attract new customers. In addition, it will offer training to individuals who want to acquire skills in hair styling, color analysis, wardrobe makeovers among other services that the business will offer. Currently, Indigo Style does not offer these services, which creates a competitive advantage.

Over Judy Crowe, Spotlight Sparkle will offer all these services it offers, but the competitive edge will be obtained by focusing Asian clients. The target market will ensure that the company has differentiated and focused target market. Also, the pricing will be lower, which will attract more clients, especially ordinary citizens of Nelson. It will offer price discounts on every person. In addition, with Spotlight Sparkle offering a further discount for repeat clients, it will be in an upper...

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