Internship Program Provided by Asad Gulf Company

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This report summarizes my internship program provided by Asad Gulf Company. This company aims to develop youth people who are looking for a bright future in their lives. This executive summary presents an overall overview of my 8-week internship,including thenature of work, the activities performed, and the experiences gained.

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During the eight weeks internship in Asad Gulf, I was dealing with a variety of operating systems. There is a significant improvement in my practical skills starting from diagnosing computer problems as well as applying some maintenance for the computers and laptop such as replacing screens, Hard Drives, RAMs and motherboards.

Later on, I was introduced to the networking and security systems. Besides my previous background, I gained new knowledge about the differences between the types of wireless security systems and what are the strengths and weaknesses of each type. Then, I learned how to deal with the functions for gateway wireless admin screen,and I was able to apply all the Internet settings to the modem.During the following remaining weeks, I was able to hide the data from a hard drive and encrypt them with a password as well as I was able to make a hard drive working with only one operating system. After that, I understood how the pointers work with storing and retrieving the data from a hard drive. In addition, I applied some tasks in restoring the deleted data from few storage devices based on the pointers that I understood before applying these tasks.

Reflecting on my experience at Asad Gulf, the internship program enhanced my knowledge, changed many aspects, and made great impacts in my aptitude in varied fields such as: Teamwork, Analyzing situations, Solving problems, Time management, Report writing and Coordination. It is really amazing for the student to see and apply practically what he has previously learned as theories in his past academic courses.


I acknowledge that the internship is necessary for each academic student, because it allows them to apply practically almost all what he has learned in his previous academic years. In addition to the experience that the senior students will gain while their interaction with the employees and practice in a real working environment.

Before internship, I thought that there were some courses in my academic study plan which won't benefit us in our future career. But after this wonderful experience in the internship, I found that all courses that we undertake in our university whether they were major courses or elective ones, they all were useful.

I send my greetings to my advisor in this internship Dr. IlyesJenhani in Computer Engineering and Science Department who was very helpful and ready to accept and answer any question or inquiries from any intern, whether by e-mail or in his office-hours. He was the one who receives and evaluates the log-books. Also, he evaluates the oral communications with each intern after completing the internship, in order to know what knowledge or experience he gained in his internship.

In addition, I thank my supervisor Mr. HasanNaser for his efforts in this internship. As he was observing me all the time and checking on how I am progressing in my tasks, and at the same time he wasn't providing me with any information that could help me in achieving these tasks. This led me to depend on my-self more and trust my knowledge.

I really appreciate all the efforts and explanations done by the employees. And I thank them because I have learned a lot of new things that I wouldn't have learn without their cooperation and coherence. Whenever there was any rising issue in the company's computers, all the employees group together as a one hand to reach the ideal solution for solving that issue.Each employee was trying to put all his previous experience to solve that issue.

Finally, I certify that this report is my own work; based on my personal work and study, and that I have acknowledged all sources used in the preparation of this final report.

I also certify that this final report has not previously been submitted for assessment, and I have not plagiarised the work of other interns and/or any other persons. I have read the plagiarism policy and I understand its implications.

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2 Executive Summary

3 Acknowledgement

4 Table of Contents

5 Introduction

6-7 Company Background

8 SWOT Analysis

9 Organizational marketing strategy

9 Organizational competitive strategy

10 Job history

11 Conceptual Framework

12 Technical part

13 Evaluation of the internship experience

14 Summary of findings and recommendations

15 Conclusions

List of References


Table of Content


In most universities, the practical learning is a major course in almost all majors. The word ''Internship'' means job training in a real working environment. It allows the senior students to exchange the experience with his fellows who are working in that company in which he is undertaking his internship.

The reason behind the internship is to apply practically all what the students have learned in the academic university courses. It is about developing the student's skills as well as expanding his way of thinking and solving the problems that he could face in his future working life.

The internship is a gate to prepare the university senior students for their career futures. There are always benefits from the internship, whether it was a paid one, or it was done to give credit hours for students in order to graduate soon.

The duration of the internship is usually 8 weeks. It is about working in progress and providing a report for each week in order to successfully complete the tasks and the projects that are provided by the company and are required to be achieved by the intern.

The internship could have a good impact on the student's future life. As it could benefit him when he applies for any other job. Most new educated students who have experience from internship will be more demanded by many companies (including the one that he applied his internship in) other than the students who didn't apply for the internship.

This report is based on my experience in the internship that I undertake inAsad Gulf Company. The internship started from.

This report will cover some important materials about the company, then I will move to how I am progressing in my tasks and assignments that I have been doing within 8 weeks starting from the above date.

Company Background:

Asad Gulf Company is one of the companies that operatein Marketing, Trading and Commercial services. The company also has a department forimporting goods.This company was established in 1990s in Saudi Arabia. Many big companies rely on Asad Gulf Company services in order to market their products and services as well as to make them more obvious to the potential customers.The company first started its career by trading.Then it expanded its activity by importing goods from China. Adding to the above, itprovided marketing services.

The vision of Asad Gulf Company is to be No.1 in providing the best and fast services in the Middle-East and to have other branches through East Asia, as: Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. In order to reach this vision, it focuses on its mission which is providing similar services to its competitors at lower costs. In addition, it follows the decentralization system in its management structure. Asad Gulf Company tries to continuously improve its provided services by taking into consideration its employees' opinions and engaging them into the company's final decisions. It treats all the employees equally and follows Douglas McGregor's theory in motivating them.Some employees were motivated to be paid if they were capable of achieving a specific target. While the others were motivated to be promoted if they participated in doing the right things for a specific period of time.

Asad Gulf Company focuses on continuously checking, maintaining and upgrading its devices because it depends completely on them.

Asad Gulf Company doesn't focus on only maximizing profits as many other companies do. But instead, it focuses on how to build customer loyalty for the long-term relationship by being known for its credibility. This company follows the well-known business ethics, for example: Asad Gulf Company refuses any offer from any company that wants to advertise about its bad-quality product/service, wants to market its product/service that could harm the environment/animals, or wants to sell its product/service that could have bad effect on the society as a whole.

Asad Gulf Company continues to communicate with its customer as well as with the companies who used its services even after sale. It tries to find-out if its customers are really happy with the provided products/services.

As for today, Asad Gulf Company is a parent company that has many branches with other commercial names as well as other activities than trading and marketing services. Due to this, it achieved high profits within a small period of timesince its establishment.After that, it was capable of establishing more new branches, and after these branches gain good reputation, Asad Gulf Company sells them based on its profits and reputation that it gained throughout the previous years.

Most of the companies have a department for IT & maintenance services for the company's devices and I applied my internship in this department.

Here is a chart that focuses on the units that I have been working at:

Figure (1.1): organization chart that focuses on the unit which I have been working at.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is a method used to identify what are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that the companies face. This method allows managers to know:

- What are the strength factors? In order to maintain and developthem to reach a competitive advantage.

- What are the weaknesses factors? In order to avoid and improve them.

- What are the opportunities factors? In order to exploit them for future success.

- What are the threats factors? In order to be aware of them to avoid failure or future risks.

Strengths Threats

1- Large capital.

2- Lower prices than its competitors.

3- Many branches.

4- Loyal customers (it has a history of good reputation).

5- Expert employees.

1- Existing competitors who work in the same domain.

2- Potential/substitute competitors who work in the same domain.

3- Economic crises.

4- New government regulations.

5- Currency rate.

5- Rapid changing market environment.

Weaknesses Opportunities

1- Poor communication between branches.

2- Having branches that operate in other fields than the parent company's field, as: automatic bakeries.

1- Provide new products/services other than the existing ones.

2- Enter and expand in new markets.

3- Adoption of new technology systems.

Organizational Marketing Strategy

Organizational marketing strategy is considered to be the main process that must be perfectly studied and applied by any company in order to be able to reach its customers and send its message correctly. Good marketing strategy should make the customers always remember that particular company and choose that company when they need the product/service.

Asad Gulf Company follows many marketing strategies in order to be able to reach its existing and potential customers. As for its existing customers, Asad Gulf Company sends messages continuously via mobile phone and e-mail in order to keep its existing customers up-to-date for its current promotions as well as its new discounted prices. And as for its potential customers, it tries to reach as many people as it can by contacting them via mobile phone and try to offer them the best service at the best price plus other promotions.Asad Gulf Company use before to contact its customers whether they are exist...

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