Internal Environment Analysis: Strengths, Weakness, and Their Evaluation

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The hospital has various strengths and weaknesses some of them touching on the employees, others on the patients and others on the services and the hospital holistically. One of the strengths is that the hospital invests a lot of time and resources on its patients. It is because it avails many opportunities for employee development including training, workshops, and seminars. The eventual goal is to ensure that members of staff are of the highest quality and have the expected expertise in their areas of practice (NMC Health plc Annual Report and Accounts Delivering a continuum of care NMC Health plc Annual Report & Accounts, 2015). The hospital management continually supports its members of staff in their ventures especially those who have a desire to further their education and training and even those who need to learn more about who they are and take a break from the overwhelming workplace environment.

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The hospital also ensures that there are sufficient and a variety of services available for the patients. A hospital aims towards covering all areas that concern health care and thus offers a good variety of services that may not necessarily be available in other hospitals in the city of Abu Dhabi. Many of the services offered by the hospital may not be available at other hospitals and in most cases, what NMC usually gives to the patient is unique. The hospital also encourages positive and healthy patient relations with the employees. It is through the various communication platforms available. The customer care employees are caring and willing to help the patient to the best of their ability. There is an online platform where patients can make inquiries or complaints. The hospital offers both inpatient and outpatient services with pharmaceuticals within the hospital vicinity that sell the prescriptions by the doctors. It is an indication of the comprehensive care approach the hospital takes which maximizes patient convenience and increasing the revenue collected by the hospital.

The hospital also works in conjunction with various local and international companies to ensure that the patients get the best services at affordable prices. The insurance policy caters for the services to a given extent while the patient pays a small amount of the fee. The prices for services do not remain constant but they are revised every year in conjunction with the insurance providers. The revision of prices often aims at ensuring that patients are still comfortable to cater for the services. Insurances companies that collaborate with the hospital are approximately more than forty from the United Arab Emirates (Hope of a healthy and happy life NMC Health plc Annual Report & Accounts, 2014). Therefore both the patients and the hospital benefits from the insurance providers and in the process, patients can access quality health care services within the hospital.

Despite the hospital's record, there have been various complaints from patients, especially concerning the healthcare practitioners. These patients expressed that in some instances the service they get from the hospital personnel is not always satisfactory. The patient is always the priority in any healthcare institution that means that the opinion he/she gives is paramount for the sustenance of the organization. Therefore, complaints about employee and patient relations in the hospital are of great concern. They are also an indication that a loophole exists in the management that trickles down to the employees. In such instances, the employees have some sort of freedom to treat patients in an unsatisfying manner but the management does not know about it nor does nothing to deal with it (Hope of a healthy and happy life NMC Health plc Annual Report & Accounts, 2014). The hospital management, therefore, needs to identify where the problem is to deal with the complaints expressed by patients.

The strengths present in the hospital present a competitive relevance for the hospital. Many of the competitor hospitals lack the various amenities and services available at NMC Specialty Hospital. The hospital works towards the effective training of its employees and an investment in their expertise. It is, however, a rare occurrence in the rest of the hospitals in Abu Dhabi. Some of them will only have consultants for various departments who are not always available but visit the institution occasionally. NMC, however, ensures that each department has various doctors who are present and ready to attend to any client needs. The hospital also ensures that nurses and other health care practitioners work together with the doctors to offer the best service and treatment to the patient. It is, therefore, clear that the hospital has an upper hand over the rest of the hospital in the city of Abu Dhabi and even in the UAE. These strengths help keep the organization ahead of the rest not only in patient acquisition but also in attracting the attention of insurances companies and in creating a brand for NMC healthcare.

It is precise that the strengths add value to the hospital and NMC healthcare as an organization. As it continues to grow, the hospital keeps developing and cultivating rare and unique services and strengths that make it stand out from the rest. It sets an example, which the rest eventually follow, but they remain behind NMC in terms of the number and quality of services they give to the patients. The hospital also continues to develop the ability to sustain the various strengths it has as its brand becomes relevant in todays world. It is also working towards dealing with the various weaknesses present and getting lessons from past mistakes.

The hospitals vision, mission, and strategic goals

The hospitals vision is guaranteed personalized health care and a genuine concern for the holistic wellness of the society. The hospital aims at a sincere commitment and genuine concern for the well-being of not only the city of Abu Dhabi or the United Arab Emirates but also the world as a whole. The hospital is built on the principles that healthcare is not just detection, diagnosis, informing, or treatment of the patient but it is a wholesome process that ensures the individual has the ability to live a healthy life. The hospital works towards the provision of hope for the community it works with. The hope is for a life that is healthy and happy (NMC Heath care, 2015). Therefore, NMC is not just about treating its patient but the main idea behind its services that the patient will function holistically. It does not only aim at relieving an individuals pain or treating a physical wound or scar. It works towards dealing with the physical, emotional, social, and psychological aspects of the person. As the patient leaves the hospital, he/she feels liberated and not just healed of the pain that was previously present in the body.

The hospital also works on a mission of working in conjunction with other partners who are like-minded not only in the United Arab Emirates by the world. The hospital believes that it has built confidence towards its services in its customers and their support is the key towards grasping emerging opportunities and reaching greater heights in the healthcare sector around the world. It, therefore, needs to identify the opportunities that not only help in developing it as an international brand but those that ensure customer satisfaction (NMC Heath care, 2015). The collaboration it has with various insurance companies helps the hospital work toward more opportunities and it ensures that patients are comfortable with the price they pay for their services. Therefore, as the hospital works towards better partners and new businesses around the world, the wellness of the patient should be the guiding tool considering that the well-being of its patient in the foundation of the services it provides.

The hospital also has various strategic goals and these are mainly built on the IPO proceeds, long-term loans, and cash flow operations available in NMC healthcare. Using these aspects within the organization, the hospital aims at maximizing its growth position in the healthcare sector in the United Arab Emirates. Its aim is for an expansion in the UAE built on its record of accomplishment and its reputation on quality healthcare. As it plans on expansion, the hospital also works towards developing an in-house insurance policy that will cater for the needs of its patients. It does not mean that it will discard the partnerships it has with various insurances providers. They will still work together thus offering more options for the patient. As it works towards its strategic goal, the hospital should also factor in more options for the patients especially in the services it avails (NMC Heath care, 2015). It may need to do more research on emerging problem areas in the society to identify the relevant training that will deal with such areas. The hospital may also need to work more with the local community especially in providing employment and business opportunities to ensure that as it develops the community also grows with it.

The hospital also aims at working in conjunction with the other NMC healthcare players especially in issues of cross-referrals. Many of the NMC hospital in the UAE have a record of massive amounts of patients every year. An example is 2013 when the hospital's patient visits of over two million. It presents an opportunity for referrals for NMC Specialty from the rest of the NMC healthcare institutions that also raises its quality as a brand. The hospital also aims at an effective hiring process and development of more inpatient pharmacies.

One of the hospitals strategic goals and the strategies adopted

One of the strategic goals the hospital has s hiring for growth. One of the major challenges in the healthcare sector is the recruitment and retention of clinical practitioners. Todays world presents a limit in the amount healthcare practitioners available for employment. UAE does not make it easy for the hospital either because it has a significant shortage of qualified medical staff. The hospital has more than fifteen departments that mean that it is big. It, therefore, needs frequent recruitment of professionals to ensure the smooth running of business within the hospital (NMC Heath care, 2015). Therefore, the recruitment process within the hospital faces a number of barriers. However, the hospital has developed ways of mitigating these challenges.

The HR within the hospital has the required capabilities and a history of well-established international hiring experiences. The hospital has also developed long-term and effective partnerships with various recruitment firms in several markets including countries like the Philippines, which provide the necessary nursing staff. Even with the international recruitment, the healthcare authorities in the UAE have in place supervised tests and examination centers that show eligibility for the licensing in important workforce markets including the Philippines and India for nurses.

The hospital applies a different process for the physicians. The law in the UAE demands that these professionals take exams only offered in the UEA. Their licensing is also done by the country, which makes them eligible to work in the UAE hospitals. The law also gives a period of up to six months for an individual to get the appropriate licensing and permission to work as a physician. NMC specialty often works on the reduction of recruitment lead-time through the constant evaluation and short-listing of potential physicians who then fill new openings within the hospital. Throughout the recruitment process, the hospitals priority often remains to be the addition of...

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