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Entertainment is any activity or action that is performed with the aim of providing relaxation, fun, interest diversion, enjoyment, pleasure, laughter or amusement. Entertainment today has grown to a big industry which is divided into various sub-sectors like the mass media entertainment industry, live entertainment industry, exhibition entertainment, electronic industry and the music industry. In this essay I will expound on the future of the Entertainment and Innovative Technology Industries and my contribution to it.

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Foremost, I acknowledge that entertainment industry has grown over the last decade in all the respective industry sub-sectors. It has provided full time and part time employment, therefore raising the economy of the world. Some of the major innovation changing the future of entertainment is discussed below.

The innovation of the new applications and soft wares has gone to another level in changing the modern streaming of events. In the past three years, only televisions media could stream live events. Today with the introduction of applications like Vyclone, hundreds of audience of a live event can stream the event from different directions at the same time using their smart phones cameras. Sounds crazy but that is where innovation and technology are leading us, a freer world of entertainment (Kapoor et al., 2015).

According to 5 Innovations Transforming the Entertainment Industry (2015), in the theatre, everything is getting closer to reality. The introduction of three dimension image (3D) was mind blowing to the audience. The idea has now been embraced all over the world. Researchers and optic developer are not resting to bring sharper images to the readers. On the other hand, the sound sector of the theatre Dolby Atmos is performing excellently with the introduction of the only new sound systems for movie exhibitors that bring the unprecedented magical audio not only to the right, left, back and front but also below and above you. It is clear that this is a big plus in the future of theatre entertainment industry.

The introduction of tablets in the last few years has brought some game changing aspect in technology. Today everybody owns one or is anxiously planning to buy one. This is because of the efficiency the gadget is bringing in the today society in every aspect of life. For example, doctors can connect the operation machines with tables, therefore being able to view their progress in surgery. On the other hand, parents can monitor activities in their homes when still at the workplace with the help of connection to the closed circuit television (CCTV). They can watch live video of their homestead. Furthermore, the gadget can act as the radio, television, music and books library. This is now the future of the entertainment industry collectively in major aspects (Kapoor et al., 2015).

On my part, I started loving technology the first time my parents bought me Atari as a gift. The gaming experiences of Atari-influenced me a lot to become what am pursuing today. Though the technology of the gaming then is not like the present days. It motivated me to love computers and programming as a career because it is fun and entertaining(Fisher, 2004).In future am planning to be the epitome of computer programming and software building to give the society the best entertainment through releasing new gaming programs.

I am more interested in the field of gaming in the entertainment field. I am trying to get a scholarship with this paper to get in the gaming and programming industry. I have grown more interested in the industry in my last year of high school now; I am the president of the Media Club at my high school. I have been in the club four years and have learned so much at home and in school taking Java. In the club am in charge of filming, recording, stage lights and of course editing at the end of production.

My mum who is a single parent to me and my twin siblings could never afford to send any of us to college. She has done her very best to raise us into a responsible, respectful and productive young adults. I would be glad being awarded the scholarship for a chance to fulfill my lifetime dream.

Finally, it can be indeed summed that technology innovation is the way forward not only in the future entertainment but also on all the aspects of life. It is our part to promote and support a better world because that is all what technology innovation is offering to us.


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