Investment Projects at Antipodes Mineral Resources Company

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Antipodes Mineral Resources Company is a gold and silver mining company, registered in Zealand. It has main miner fields in Hauraki and central volcanic region and Otago region. It has a wide mine field at Wharekirauponga.

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Main Projects.

Hauraki Goldfield.

Hauraki is located at Coromandel region of Zealand. It is made up of over 50 separate gold deposits mines. It covers approximately 8000km squared. Mainly, this project contributes 70% of Antipodes Gold revenue. However this company has been making losses in a row since 2011. The share market price has been falling adversely. These mines accounts for over 85% of the AU-AG Bullions produced rom this Project (Theron, 2011).

WharekiraupongaThis is gold and silver vein, of an epithermal quarts. The prospects are a joint venture between Newmont Waihi Gold and Antipodes Mineral Resources Company. This Joint venture is owned at the ratio of 35% to 65%, Antipodes Mineral Resources Company to Newmont Waihi Gold respectively.

Expected Roles of a CFO.


Participate and oversee in formulating the company's future direction and auxiliary tactical initiatives.

Direct and monitor the implementation of companys strategic plans

Formulate financial strategies

Develop tax strategies

Receive and certify the capital request

Formulate Capital budgeting processes

Formulate and certify performance measure criteria.


Participate as a seating member of the executive management team

Sustain in-depth associations with every members of the management team

Oversee the financial operations of Joint venture, with the counterpart of Newmont Waihi Gold company

Manage any outsourced contracts

Oversee the company's Payment system.

Implement operational ethical practices

Conduct due diligence and well-cut negotiate acquisitions of the mine field and subsidiaries.

Financial Information Disclosure

Supervise the disclosures of financial information

Review and commend all relevant disclosure required by the regulatory authority of companies i.e. Form 8-K, 10-K, and 10-Q

Present and draw financial reports to the board of directors

Risk Management

Identify and alleviate key components of the company's risk profile

Screen and advice the BOD on all potential legal issues connecting the company, and legal issues touching the industry

Build and run consistent control systems

Maintain fitting insurance coverage

Confirm that the company observes with all legal and regulatory authority requirements

Certify record-keeping is up to the requirements of government agencies and auditors

Report risk issues to the audit committee of the board of directors

Maintain good relations with appointed external auditors, investigate findings and recommendations inter alia


Cash management and forecasting cash budget.

Formulate the optimal capital structure.

Matching funds with Investments

Capital budgeting

Working capital management

Duties to Third Parties

Participate in (conference)public or organised calls with the investment community

Create and maintain financial institutions relationships

Represent the company alongside investments banker

Facts to Caution will managing the finances of a listed Company.

The level of disclosure is extreme therefore competing is based highly sophisticated.

The share market price reveals the publics perception of the companys future cash flows steadiness and stability.

Shareholders wealth maximization is the primary goal of the managements.

Full compliance with the regulatory agencies is compulsory.

All disclosures as per the regulatory authority is compulsory.

AMR has the following other Responsibilities.

To employees

Diversification of the workforce.

Respecting Human rights.

Maintain a favourable working environs.

Create a fulfilling workplace

Has a moral duty to compensate workers fairly.

Ensure workers safety and accident insurance cover.

Offer employees recreation time.

Provide pension program to employees.

Supporting career development

To supplies.

Impartial and equitable businesses.

Compliance with procurement laws and ethics

Environmental protection procuring.

Strengthening partnership with suppliers

Sound Policies on suppliers selection and transaction continuation.

Safeguarding right Price and Quality.

Fortification of personal-interest relationships

To Government.

Compliance with the prevalent laws.

Honest payment of taxes.

Supporting government programs.

Participation fair business with the government.

To Customers.

Stable supply of the gems.

Establish a customer centre to ensure customer satisfaction.

Quality assurance department.

Dedication to improve customers satisfaction

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