Paper Example on Companys Acquisition and Planning Strategy for Obtaining a Contract

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The acquisition is the process of getting products and services through contracting (Cooke, 2013).The company offers specialty coating for marble floors and ceramic tiles. The company is searching for employees who will offer services such as specialty coating, application of the coating and regular maintenance of the levels. The competing bidders will be evaluated according to their efficiency and effectiveness to ensure that they will perform and conform to the standards of the company. The company shall provide incentives to the workers to motivate them to work hard. The kinds of incentives that the firm will offer the employees include the recognition incentives such as issuing the employees with certificates of achievement after completing the work and thanking them for a well-done job (Lee, 2013). The company will also offer reward incentives for those employees who perform well such as monetary rewards and gifts. Compensation incentives will also be provided to employees such as bonuses and raises in salaries for those who show exemplary performance. The services to be delivered by the company include specialty coating, application of the coating and regular maintenance schedule. Data Management Strategy will be required to assess the data required to design, manufacture, and sustain the system as well as to support re- competition for production, sustainment or upgrade. Data Management Strategy will also address the merits of including a priced contract option for future delivery of data and intellectual property rights not obtained upon initial contract award and shall consider the contractors responsibility to check any assertion of restriction use or release of data (Lee, 2013). There will be a limitation of exclusive rights and issuance of licenses for those who can access proprietary data. The contractors technical performance shall be monitored using electronic surveillances and also allocating to supervisors who will supervise whether the work is well-done. This is so as to prevent theft and laziness at the workplace and to promote accountability.

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An acquisition plan is the object used to document the acquisition strategy (Cooke, 2013). The company shall consider the risk associated with the purchase of services. Such as an increase in costs; the amount of money used to pay added employees. The company shall record the additional costs involved to evaluate whether the contract is profitable or bring losses. It shall document the risks involved such as poor communication and contract oversight, failure to consider ownership and data rights, inability to ensure continuity of support and failure to pin down the responsibilities of the acquirer and contractor. The company shall record the considered alternatives to the acquisition strategy adopted.

Analyze the Manner in which Utilizing Smart Pay or a Similar Program in Electronic Contracting will Assist the Company and the Navy.

Smart Pay is a lease-to-own payment service. It is used by customers to purchase products and then make payments later by making fixed, scheduled installments over a period according to the requirements of the company (Tran, 2016). Smart Pay is done online, and thus it is easier and efficient. The Smart Pay program will assist the company and the Navy to run efficiently since they will not have the worry of being paid quickly and so will continue running the business. The Smart Pay program will ensure that the company and the Navy perform at an optimal level while providing them greater convenience and efficiency (Tran, 2016). Smart Pay will enable both the company and the Navy to increase flexibility and also ensure security by providing a secure pin number.


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