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It is very significant to acknowledge the nature of a hunter. Similar to numerous things in the contemporary world, there is a false belief attached to hunting and hunters. The stereotypes allege that hunting has no merit and is meant to destroy the environment. Although these false beliefs are based on some truths, they are not clear about the definition of a hunter. Hunting is always linked to bygone and salvage ways of obtaining food practiced today only be the indigenous individuals or rednecks who just enjoy killing animals as a means of gaining personal satisfaction. This is a developing perception that only depicts how far we are at our ease and detachment from real life and explain the need to conserve the tradition of hunting.

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In brief, a hunter is an individual that strives to provide for themselves and the family. They attempt to determine the source of their daily meals. Nevertheless, hunters love nature, and desire to see the environment and the animals' progress. He wants to be involved in their development rather than just watching the development of the ecological environment. Therefore, an analysis of the entire hunting activity would expose its merits to the whole society. This would paper would present the importance of hunting to the environment, to the economy, and the entire human life.

I would like to point out that hunting is of very significant use to the people and the society at large. With regards to the environment, hunting helps in the conservation of the environment in numerous ways. Some of the merits are discussed as follows: definitively hunting are developing partnerships and associations with research ecologists and groups interested in wildlife recreation and conservation. All these organizations have a similar objective of protecting the habitat. Though the ultimate goals are diverse for each cluster, the fundamental purpose of preserving or protecting the forests and other natural resources is significant to all.

The hunters depend on and maintain appropriate populations of the species of interest. Similarly, animals keep the wild habitats undamaged, clean and natural as possible since that is the essential aspect of securing suitable places for hunting. However, they are not the only ones pursuing such habitats. The ecologists, depend on the habitat for research, hikers, bird viewers and wildflower viewers also treasure habitats that are clean and full of many animals.

In the same context, hunting offers benefits to the environment through large economic benefit to wildlife preservation through the hunting equipment taxes paid by the hunters. These taxes are used to expand the wildlife conservations and result in the development of suitable habitat for both the forests and wildlife. Besides, hunters pay for hunting licenses, and the expenditures they incur are plowed back to develop the habitats of the animals and trees. Similarly, animals contribute to the conversation of the environment by contributing large amounts of money and resources to Hunter managed conservation teams that aim tom increase wildlife habitat and population.

Most of the money governments collect from hunting are usually committed to funding various environmental programs. The programs might include reforestation of clear-cut regions to the rerouting of streams and creeks to control soil erosion. The amount of cash plowed to the environment is significantly beneficial to the survival of various threatened species of both trees and animals. This further helps in funding the conservation of the environment thus maintaining the green vegetation that is favorable for both animal and human existence.

Hunting assist to control the population of animals in the habitat. This is as a result of the worrying increase in the animal population. They also protect the environment through the donation of various properties including land to enhance the size of the habits. Also, hunters assist in maintaining the population of animals at a suitable and healthy level and conserving nature for the future generations. Note that overhunting is unhealthy and must be regulated by all standards. The government through its various agencies responsible for wildlife and animals at large ensure the population of animals do not deteriorate by putting down policies for healthy hunting. This is imperative for the existence of animals for future generation.

Worth mentioning is also the importance of hunting to the economy. Apart from just conserving the environment, hunting develops the entire world economy. Hunting is a business since during 2001, over 13 million individuals in the United States participated in hunting and spend over twenty million dollars. Each component of hunting from the acquisition of the gun, and ammunitions and the actual conduct of slaying an animal, has a significant impact on the economy of the host country. First, hunting provides numerous people with employment, from the individuals manufacturing the guns, those offering hunting courses and the hunting g guides present in the parks. Apart from employment, the taxes and licenses that are charged from hunting can be used for general economic development.

Similarly, the hunting by-products enable the support of numerous environmental rehabilitation projects that assist control and restore the animal population. Hunting also provides income for the hotel and food industries, as well as store owners, clothes makers, and so many people, earn income because of the hunting operation. Thus, when hunting is banned, it would result to increase rates of unemployment and closure of many businesses.

Hunters also contribute to the economy through land leasing and ownership. Some of the proceeds from hunters in 2001 were used by a government to purchase and lease land. Most of these lands are forested regions that would be unused if not for hunting. These areas provide suitable sites for lumbering and production of timber that generate more money back to the economy.

Today, hunting still holds a crucial place in the world. The benefits and values that hunting has brought to our lives and the society at large cannot be ignored. Hunting has proven to be the most essential part of human life as its manifested in some countries in the world where it is highly appreciated as a source of food. In certain regions like in Africa, hunting is regarded as a show of bravery among young youths going through certain rites of passage to become men. However much this is barbaric, awkward and repugnant, its highly honored in Africa as a culture that they cannot do away with.

Similar to the indigenous days, hunting still holds the old benefits it had many years ago. However, the general hunting is controlled and currently considered as the sport. Also, some hunters have introduced trappers that they use to trap animals, and either exploits their fur or oil. The hunted animals currently act as the source of food for many as well as providing raw materials for the manufacture of numerous industrial products.

For instance, id used to produce garments, clothing. While some of the animals trapped and hunted are usually sold to individuals interested in their fur or the meat. The fur sold by the hunters can be delivered to the market for resale and other animal body parts provided to the byproducts facilities.

Similarly, hunting is useful in rendering more so in the invisible industries. Rendering refers to the procedure by which animal fat is processed into a range of products used by individuals in their daily activities. These products can be sold by the manufacturers and enable them to earn huge incomes. Also, most animals hunted are usually delivered to the rendering industry where they are used to make soap, cattle feeds, paints, tires, ice cream, textiles and building materials.

In conclusion, hunting provides economic and political support critical to the entire wildlife. Without the hunters, some animal or plant species would be extinct and thus reduction of the foreign exchange that many countries derive from tourist. Also, hunting has assisted in minimizing the negative wildlife influences that can undermine the public support for this resource. Note that hunting however much it may deplete the environment cannot be ignored or stopped because its a culture in some countries and others use it as a source of livelihood.

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