How to Write an Excellent Argumentative Essay

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Start with a sentence that introduces the main sub-argument for that specific section. Example: The internet has helped to create more than ten million jobs worldwide. After writing the topic sentence, it is vital to connect the main argument with the thesis as this reinforces the central argument. Example: Thanks to the internet, a large number of people are finding enjoyable careers that offer high wages. After the claim, what follows is the evidence which must be supported by logical ideas, statistics or references. Example: Internet technology has given 1.2 percent of the worlds population a stable income. The body paragraph should end with a closing statement. The significance of this sentence is to summarize the general claim to the thesis statement. Example: Overall, the development of internet technology has positively impacted the society at large.

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The first part of the conclusion should be to restate the central argument that is the thesis statement (4, 2017) .It is vital to restate the thesis using assertive language. As such, presenting information in a confident manner makes the audience believe that it is, in fact, true and accurate. Example: As seen in the text presented above, the creation of the internet is singlehandedly the most important technological development of all time. Possibly, the audience might have forgotten some of the information presented. As a result, it is advisable to thoroughly review the main points, hence giving closure to your argument. Additionally, to end an argument essay, it is important to present a memorable closing statement. Typically, this concluding statement expresses the general importance of the information and leaves the audience with a call to action for further analysis. Example: Convincingly, the world would not have advanced as exponentially fast without the creation of the internet; the supreme value of international connectivity within a short time is an excellent perk. Moreover, with systematic exploration, more gems will certainly be discovered!

Overall, when writing an argument essay it is crucial to remember that we must fixate our main arguments towards logical reasoning. Also, it is vital to include counter-arguments. A statement that lacks a counterargument has not reached its full potential. A writer should explain why his or her case carries more weight than another. Also, get to edit your work to validate the logic behind your central argument.


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