How to Balance Studies With Work, Family, and Other Activities and Responsibilities

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In our modern society being a student doesnt mean having a lot of free time, because young people have not only a lot of schoolwork. We also have different family responsibilities and job. Besides, there is a large number of hobbies, sports, volunteer or social activities in our lives, because we are humans and we need something to fill up our hearts with love, joy and happiness. And I want to tell you about myself. I am the student of Penn Foster school. That means that the most of the day I spend there on the lessons. Me and my classmates receive a lot of information in school every day, we learn many interesting things, we communicate and share our opinions with each other. But we also have some tasks that we should do at home. So, usually after school I come back home and spend a few hours doing these exercises. After this, I need to hurry up, if I want to be on time for work. I succor pupils whose parents are very busy at work.

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My job is to help children with their school tasks, especially with English. I started to work as a tutor not so long ago. I have an excellent mark in English at school and one day my fathers friend asked me to help his son with English. Its been about a month when another parent wanted me to have additional lessons with his daughter. So today I have 5 pupils with whom I have lessons regularly once or twice a week with each. After my lessons I visit French club, because I want to speak French as a native speaker. T

his club is open twice a week, on Monday and Thursday. Our group is not very big, There are five students there and two teachers. One of them was born in France but now he lives in our country. During the clubs lessons we learn a lot of beautiful French words, make up dialogues, speak with each other, watch different kinds of videos and discuss them. During all these tasks we talk to each other just in French. On Tuesday and Saturday I go to volleyball section. I like this kind of sport and I try to become the best one in this. On Fridays me and my friends go to watch basketball match in our city.

I like this feeling most of all, when you take your place, look at the basketball court and wait for your favorite team. Then the game begins, you are so excited, you watch every step of the players of your crew and finally you shout out something joyful when they win. No matter how I spend the day, but when I come back home I need to wash all the dishes after our evening meal because it is one of my family responsibilities. I like it, because when I do it I have a lot of time to think over how I spent this day, what was great and what was not.

As you see, I have not so many times to have a rest, lie on the bed and do nothing at all. And, to tell the truth, it is not so easy to manage my time to accomplish everything I need and want to. But I have some little tricks and today I want to share it with you and to show you that the process of planning your day could be a very fun pastime. All you need is a notebook, a pen and few bright highlighters of your favorite colour. If you have all of these, then you can proceed with the first step.

First of all you need to make a list of all your tasks for today. Then try to put them into chronological order, beginning with the morning and finishing with the evening or even night. Here I want to give you a piece of advice: sleeping is an important part of humans health and if you dont get enough sleep then you wont have the power to do everything you want during the day. So, if you want to be productive, then you need to be strong. The next step will be to identify a period of time that each of the tasks will take. For example, I know that usually my lessons with the children last just one hour. But dont forget, that you need some additional time to get from one place to another, so you should also include this time interval to your timetable.

Then you need to decide which of the tasks are the most important for today and underline them with a highlighter. It means, that sometimes you cant do everything you want to do but there are a few assignments that you should do without fail and in any case. And of course you should allocate some time to have a couple of breaks. Otherwise, you will be depleted both physically and emotionally.

Due to these simple but very important rules I plan every single day of a week. But dont forget to keep one day for your family and yourself, so you can spend some time with your relatives and do something that is important for you, your soul and your happiness. For me, such day is Sunday. It is a day when I usually stay at home, read a book, watch TV with my family, cook dinner, tell them about myself and ask how are they.As you can see, it is not so difficult to balance school with work, family and other activities and responsibilities.

You know, the most important secret how to have enough time to do everything you want is to love what you do, to enjoy the process of planning and bringing your plan to life. I will be very glad if my advice will help you not to lose your time and to spend it in a productive way.

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