How the Patient Care has Influenced My Career

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When planning on the choice career that one should take, it is important to have a review of all the activities that one had participated while young and then to pick the one that presented the best and memorable experience. Children participate in activities that bring them contentment and delight. Eventually, they desire to continue being involved in those activities that brought them happiness and they ultimately have a long-lasting impact as they influence career choice (Spencer, & Harris-Bowlsbey, 2013). I enjoyed participating in nursing programs, for instance, the Haiti rescue mission as a nurse and even took care of my father-in-law, who was a high blood pressure patient.

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Career development is a goal that most people desire to accomplish, and one's life experience initiates this. I have an ambition of developing my career as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) because of the desire to help those who need medical services. When I was a nursing assistant, I participated in the Haiti rescue mission because I considered it a necessity and the victims needed my services. As a result, the passion for advancing my education and becoming a licensed practical nurse increased. In Haiti, I had a chance to get into contact with the real situation of the victims and those in need of medical services. The situation was worse and even if there was a challenge in the process of rescuing the victims, there were enough medical equipment in place. The Haiti rescue mission was one of the initial factors that strengthened me and increased my passion for studying and eventually becoming an LPN. Additionally, I took care of my father-in-law, who had a stroke diabetic and was suffering from high blood pressure. In this case, I was able to take care for a patient on a one on one basis, and I was surprised that my family liked it and encouraged me to continue with my passion. They gave me the confidence and moral support and promised that if I decide to continue with the nursing profession, they will endeavor to assist me.

The impact of the two experiences on my decision to advance my education and eventually become an LPN was significant, and I do not intend to look back. Although I did not directly recognize the impact that the experience had in my career choice, I came to accept it in 2015 when I started taking care of people with mental disability. While working, I came to realize that I have the necessary skills and even the experience to work even if I yet become an LPN. As a result, I have come to realize that there is still time for me to advance my career in this field, be licensed, and have the capacity to offer help in my daily duties without a problem. Understanding the basics and the strategies that can enable one become an LPN and advance in his/her career is something of significance (Taylor, 2012). I credit my family for the advice that they gave me, their willingness to assist me anytime when I am in need of my education with a goal of becoming an LPN. It is my hope that once I become a registered nurse, I will be able to assist my family members, who have been offering me the necessary help throughout my career and are even ready to do more. I also want to better myself because for all this period; I have what it takes for any organization to demand my services and I will not hesitate to help.


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