How Some of the Biotechnology Have Made my Life Better

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House hold products such as washing detergent, food processing, and cosmetics might come directly from cells or are produced using enzymes taken from cells(Dang, 2016). Washing detergents have increased the level of cleanliness in my life for example the removal of any kind of stains in my clothes, cleaning of washrooms thus increasing hygiene. In food processing, products such as yogurt contain microbial cells and I have been using the same product for a long time. Cosmetic are used in everyday life especially lotions, make ups and perfumes. Since they are produced by biotechnology method I found myself using cosmetics every day of my life, for example, applying lotion on my body after bath.

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Some food and drink are produced by industries that use products that can be produced by biochemical for example bioplastics that are used for packing. I use packed food in most cases and biotechnology has helped in preventing the packed food from spoiling by use of bioplastics.

Health care issues have been solve because by biotechnology. Medicine that could not have been produced by other means are now developed easily which has helped me in preventing and also curing some diseases.

Cooking oil is produced by biotechnology processes and is among the products that I use almost daily in cooking a different kind of meals

My Concerns with Biotechnology

Even though biotechnology has positively influenced my life, It also has some negative effects both on me and on the environment (Lerner, 2016). For example, there are hormones that are being used in animals like non-natural organism slow growth which grounds illness and a lot of health issues in cows. Cancer can also be caused by using products resulting from biotechnology for example carrying hot food in a plastic bag. These kind of modified crops sometimes infect normal plants with hereditarily engineered pollen grains and genes which in turn creates new virus or weeds, interferes with ordinary pest management and leads to soil contamination with toxins that can destruct the food chain. The toxins can also injure agricultural staff, their families, and other individuals in the society. If there is a limit of crops to a smaller number, the varieties of genetically engineered also limit biodiversity that is vital in weathering famine and diseases that have an effect on vegetation. The smaller number variety of genus in an ecological unit will make the population weaker to monoculture harmful insects that may wash out an imperative fastener in the foodstuff supply.

Part 2

There are differences between cloned and normal animal and some of the differences are described below.

A clone is derived from a single parent while a normal animal is formed from two parents.

Clone is a product of asexual reproduction while a normal animal is a product of sexual production.

Clone does not involve gametes while a normal animal involves fusion of two gametes.

Clone is a product of mitosis while a normal animal is a product of meiosis.

Members of a clone have the same genotype while offspring of the same parents have different genotypes in the normal animal.

There is no recombination of genes in clones while in the normal animal there is a chance of segregation or recombination of genes.

How I Feel A bout Eating a Cloned Animal

There is nothing wrong with eating a cloned meat and drinking milk from a cloned cow because I believe they as safe as food that we eat every day ( Capelle, 2008). There are many clones and most of them are breeding animals so they will never miss in the market. There is no any strange risk for human food from clones and just like any other food, they must undergo medical check up to determine if they are safe for human consumption. A cone is usually just a genetic copy of an organism and there cannot be an important reason as to why clones should be considered not safe for human consumption. According to me I dont think there is any reported distinction in the composition of the products produced by cloned organisms for example pigs as compared to normal animals. Clones that reaches reproduction age behaves like the way a normal animal behaves at the same age for example delivering and producing milk.

My Opinion of Eating a Cloned Plant

Most of the cloned fruits are sold in groceries and some of them are cloned mutant fruits and none of them are labeled so you cant avoid buying one when you visit a grocery store. Most clones are cloned for a positive reason and that is why I support the consumption of cloned plants.


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