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Hotels are one of the most coveted business opportunities in the hospitality industry. This is because of the fact that hotels provide services that conform to the basic needs of human beings. According to Kilic & Okumus (2005), the provision of services and goods like meals and accommodation is one of the main services that hotels concentrate on apart from offering other recreational opportunities such as swimming pools and the likes. As it is the nature of humans to satisfy their basic needs like the need for food and shelter, hotels rarely fail to get customers who trickle in in search of the satisfaction to their human wants. As such, sales in hotels are always stable especially if a hotel is strategically placed and has fair prices and quality services to its customers (Cantallops & Salvi, 2014). This paper explores the hotel sale by looking at the factors that determine how much a hotel can collect in terms of sales and how the owners of hotels can maximize their sales.

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The amount of money that a hotel is able to collect over a given period of time in terms of sales depends on a number of factors. The first factor is the season with regard to the both the economic status of the public and the climatic season. Hotels are likely to experience high sales during the end extreme ends of the month and the early begins of the month because of the fact that at such times, many people have earned their salaries and wages and are therefore more willing to purchase the services offered by a hotel of their choice (Cantallops & Salvi, 2014). As such therefore, hoteliers have devised methods to ensure that their hotels do not run short of favourite meals and hotel; packages especially at the beginnings of the month and at the extreme end of the month.

The season can also refer to the climatic conditions that go a long way in influencing the choices of many hotel customers in terms of the meals they take or the services they buy (Cantallops & Salvi, 2014). During winter for example, hotel packages that include swimming pools and workouts are normally not on high demand, also, the climatic season can make people change what they take. So if a hotel or restaurant is majoring in provision of refreshment services such as tea and coffee, this hotel is likely to experience low sales during summer due to the fact that when it is hot, people tend to choose cold foodstuffs so as to quench their thirst and tea will therefore fetch very little sales during summer. In winter however, the situation is the complete opposite of this as many people demand for hot drinks that can keep them warm and save them from the freezing and biting cold of winter season. Therefore in general, hotel sales vary according to the season in terms of the climatic conditions that are prevailing and the financial status of the customers which is a very important factor is affecting their willingness to spend on hotel services (Kilic & Okumus, 2005).

The other factor that determines the amount of sale that a hotel gets in a given time is the customer hotel relationship. There has to be a good relationship between the hotel and its potential customers. This can be enhanced through provision of high quality services that help to attract more and more people to a hotel day in day out. When the hotel waiters are nice to their customers, these customers are likely to keep going back to that hotel and they will even come along with their friends to enjoy the services offered by that particular hotel. This will go a long way in increasing the sales of the hotel and lead to its expansion and diversification of its services. It is therefore prudent for hoteliers to ensure that the waiters in their hotels are nice to the customers due to the fact that there is a lot of competition in the sector and customers can shift to alternative hotels if not treated well in one hotel (Cantallops & Salvi, 2014).

To maximize the sales from a hotel, it is therefore advised that hotel manager engage in gathering the opinion and the comments of the customers they serve in their hotels. This feedback is very important in shaping the way forward for the hotel. The feedback provided by the customers can help to identify the existing problems in the hotel and therefore help the management to fix the problem before it causes harm and reduces the sales by sending off the customers. The feedback from customers can also help to suggest better and more effective ways that the hotel can employ in serving its customers. Such suggestion points might not have been considered by the hotel management and they can therefore help to open up new opportunities for hotel owners to increase their sales.

In conclusion therefore, the amount of sales that a hotel collects in a given period of time will depend on factors such as the climatic season, the financial status of the customers that the hotel targets, the time of the month since it has connection to the financial status of the customers. For a hotel to increase its sales, it is important that the waiters be nice to their customers to increase the return rate for their customers and also, the management should be keen on collecting customer feedback to help spot out problems in the hotel operations and also the suggestions for improvements (Cantallops & Salvi, 2014).


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