Hispanic and Latino Communities in the United States of America

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The United States of America is one of the countries that encounter a massive flow of immigrants. However, one could wish to understand if there are any privileges that these immigrants attain in the US or rather if they encounter any obstacles in their lifetime as US inhabitants. Dating back to 1500, the Hispanic and Latino communities are amongst the immigrant groups who found their way into the United States (Gonzalez 28-57). Once in the US the immigrants like any other native citizen desire to access to their basic needs, particularly education. Despite the legal registration and considerations as part of the United States citizens, the Hispanic and Latino communities are still portrayed as victims of discrimination.

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The Hispanic and Latino community are undermined on the education lines. According to the video, An Examination of Hispanic and Latino History reveals that the Hispanic and Latinos experiences discrimination as members of the United States. Referring to the Hernandez case, it is interesting, how the lawyers are sidelined and eliminated from the judicial services basing citing their multilingual differences as the key reason. Despite the fact that these Mexican agents are both Hispanic and English speakers, they are eliminated from the consideration of their Hispanic language. Besides that, the limitation of access to education by Hispanic and Latino immigrant children does not contain any concrete reason but justifies the level of discrimination in the United States. It is indeed fascinating how a group of people who aided the United States to build up their empire, are the ones who end up not being recognized, their children exposed to scrutiny before being registered as students. Even though the children are too young to understand or make any decisions concerning their future, they are exposed to unnecessary scrutiny demanding to recognize their originality.

The video proclaims the significance of valuing the immigrants as US citizens. The experience that the Hispanic and Latinos are exposed demands for protection of their rights. The Alabama law enactment requiring the registration of students upon their origin comes out as one of the devastating and discriminative laws in the States. However, in the ending of the video, there are higher expectations of establishing a more convenient solution to the Hispanic and Latino immigrants. Considering that these immigrants children are not accountable for their parents mistakes, then it is quite dehumanizing to limit their access to education basing on their parents circumstances. The United States government should instead establish a convenient system that considers legal inhabitation of their country, rather than pass down the trouble into academic institutions. Nevertheless, it astonishes how people still raises questions concerning the case of the children registration in schools basing on their parental origin. It is not just discrimination based on racism, but even psychologically impacting on the young souls who will entirely desire to understand the differences between them and the natives.

Even though the United States has a responsibility of protecting itself against illegal immigrants as well excessive immigration into the nation, they still have the responsibility of protecting all its inhabitants regardless of their originality. Once one makes it into the US as an immigrant, an amicable means of identity recognition should be established instead of using their children as a means of identifying the immigrants. Therefore, any child is entitled to free access to education without any discriminative limitations basing on their originality.

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