Guy De Maupassant The Jewelry

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Guy De Maupassant is said to be the creator of the modern short story. He had different life issues in the stories. These issues include hypocrisy of human beings, prostitution, politics, journalism, and supernature among others. The Jewelry also known as False Gems is a critical short story of Guy De Maupassant. Its plot is of a man named M. Lantin who falls in love with a certain lady and goes ahead to marry her. Despite loving her, some things amuse him. Her love for the jewels that he believes is not original, and her love for the theater lives him wondering. This short story contains the idea of knowing things in a wrong way or failing truly to realize something and the reality in deception.

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The theme of the story clearly portrays the irony in life, and that issues are not always what they look like. In the story, M. Lantin knows and believes that the jewels are not original. The wife does not tell him that they are real. So he never knows the truth since he did not buy them. The wife as well could not manage to buy the jewels. He loves her and therefore fails to ask where she got all the jewels. The main reason is that he knows she cannot afford real gems, and this adds to his perception that they are not real. In the story, there are elements of deception, irony, and acts of symbolism,

In the story, the deception is shown through Lantins wife tendency of going to the theaters frequently. He fails to understand the reason as to why she does that. The other is her much desire for the jewels. He believes they are not real, and the wife does not tell the truth about them. She fails to say that they are original because her husband clearly knows that she cannot afford them. She, therefore, deceives her husband since she might have been in a relationship with some wealthy person who buys her all these jewels. She uses her beauty, impeccable modesty, and perfect smile to lure the man to fall in love with her. All these features in her can make anyone to believe that her soul, mind, and heart are of the same value and are perfect. The story is as well built on the theme that life can be ironical. The story shows how people keep secrets from each other and even themselves and how money can be a compensation for a bad condition. In the story, Lantins grief for the loss of his wife goes away after selling the jewels and getting rich. The woman Lantin first married has an imaginable description. She is like a dream and a perfect gift every other man would require for a bright feature. All these make her ideal because all these qualities can hide certain bad behaviors in them as shown at the end of a situation.

There are certain forms of irony in the paper. Verbal irony is revealed at the time when she opens the box containing the jewels and tells her husband that she is fond of the jewels. She knows that the jewels are real, but she does not tell him. The climax of the story comes with a situational irony when Lantin sells the jewels and realizes that they are much more worth that he thought. The other irony is that they always had a luxurious and happy life, but after the death of his wife he realizes that his earnings cannot even sustain him. He should have known before, that his finances could not support them that much. If he checked at his finances, he could realize that there was some money coming from an external source.

Symbolism in the story begins with the issue of the jewels. The jewels symbolize her marriage with Monsieur Lantin. The jewels initiate every other thing in the story for example at the end of the story the man becomes rich after selling them. They as well portray how the wife led a life she did not like in that she went to the theater and had jewels. All these reveal that her life was made of lies. The conclusion of the story raises the question as to whether Lantin's marriage was genuine since after getting rich he fully forgets about her dead wife. He even marries another woman who he takes to be of bad temper. All this happens due to the effects of his first marriage. He had the belief that a virtuous lady always brings joy, but the unexpected happens, and he is disappointed.

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