Goals in Pursuing a Certificate in Public Safety

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Public safety is an important aspect of the lives of citizens of the United States. The guarantee of such protection enables the people to carry peacefully out their daily activities with minimal interruptions. If the citizens feel insecure, they would not be able to contribute effectively to the economic and social development of the nation. Since the advent of world terrorism, American security agencies and personnel have given public safety more attention due to the increased threats from Islamic fundamentalist groups around the world. Having participated in the provision of public safety, it is critical to enroll for a course that would foster effectiveness in the delivery and management of public safety.

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The urge to participate in the provision of security to the citizens dates back to the childhood days. During this period, the US troops participated in the restoration of peace and safety in various countries around the world. The narrations of the achievements of these soldiers brought a lot of inspiration to me as a teenager. Also, the environment I grew up was often rocked by violence leading to the unnecessary deaths of innocent people, especially women and children. It is the above exposures that resulted in the decision to join the Federal military so as to play a role in the provision of safety to people in and outside the United States.

The deployment to Afghanistan in 2012 to link up with the American forces in the provision of peace and security offered more insights into the need for public safety. Occasionally, civilians would be killed during the military expeditions that battled the Taliban and other militant groups in the war-ravaged nation. Although civilian causalities are inevitable in military confrontations, it is essential for the warring parties to ensure that such causalities are minimized as possible. To achieve this, one requires special safety knowledge in dealing with crowds and human settlements who may be caught in the military crossfire. The above experienced motivated me to expose myself to more knowledge so as to acquire more skills in the provision of public safety during warfare and disasters.

From 2013 to 2015, I worked as a civilian contractor in Afghanistan, a role that exposed me to the various safety issues associated with the aerial warfare against the insurgents in the country. The tactics of fighting against the insurgents had changed, with the military predominantly employing drones to strike targets. As documented, these strategies have resulted in the death of civilians due to poor communication, especially with the personnel in contact with the civilian populations. While working in this position, I gained considerable knowledge in managing populations through effective communication and close partnerships with the locals. Although the job provided the vital practical exposures to civilian safety, there existed knowledge gaps that would enable me to counter civilian deaths effectively during war operations. Also, the deployment to work as an air operations specialist exposed me to situations that challenged my understanding of the several safety activities that guarantee safety to the people, thereby reducing unnecessary deaths in the war zones and disaster-stricken areas. To feel these knowledge gaps, further training is paramount to the proper and efficient management of public safety issues.

I extensively researched and conducted broad consultations with my colleagues before coming to the conclusion that Miami Dade College Police Training College is best equipped to provide the best training in public safety matters. It is my belief that such training would offer me the opportunity to acquire more knowledge and skills for effective working in delivering the safety of the people. I hope the selection committee will consider this application and so promise to work hard in the studies should I be accorded the chance.

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