Genes in the X Chromosome

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The article is the view of the genes are enclosed in the X chromosome. It explains why identical twins who are female differ at a higher rate compared to their male counterparts. The article states why we have more geniuses who are male compared to females. In addition, it views why the females play a big role for one to have good brains.

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List three important facts that the author uses to support the Main Idea.

The first fact explained by the Christopher (2011) is that genes are inherited via chromosomes which are inherited from both parents each contributing 23 chromosomes to make a total of 46 in total which occur in matched pairs. The second fact is females get two X chromosomes from their mother and father but males obtain only one chromosome from their mother hence, a daughter will have a close relation with a father compared to the mother. The third fact is the factor that sex chromosomes express differences in the information they carry. Genes in the Y chromosome lack evidence that they are linked to cognition. In contrast, the X chromosome has genes linked to the evidence of intelligence.

What information or ideas discussed in this article are also discussed in your textbook?

A similar idea is where the article relates to the study of human development whereby Darwin explains that a certain disorder can pass in a generation affecting some male member while others will not be affected (Papalia et al, 2015). The females rarely get affected.

What is the conclusion of the author? Do you agree or disagree and why?

The author concludes that the level of intelligence a person have depends on how the mother is intelligent. I agree with the author because genes are transmitted via chromosomes (Christopher, 2011). The X chromosome is found in women and the chromosome contains more genes than the Y chromosome. Therefore, verbal IQ is connected to the X chromosome.



In summary, the aspect which shows identical female twins differ from their male counterparts is the X chromosomes expressing various patterns in our body. This occurs due to the fact that every woman normally has two X chromosomes but one is usually silenced. In females, there is a chromosome gene referred to as Xist that determines which chromosome between the two can be expressed and which can be silenced in the two cells which result from a fertilized egg splitting. Furthermore, identical female twins differ on the issues of social behavior and also at the verbal expressions than male twins. This is due to different gene expression on the two chromosomes compared to the single chromosome in male identical twins.

The Y chromosome contains genes which lack any link to intelligence but the X chromosome does (Christopher, 2011). This is the reason why the mother is the determinant of intelligence. Males have one X chromosome derived from their mother and this has intelligence variations.

In conclusion, the gene in the X chromosome found in a mother is not credited to be inherited by her female child. The chances are not full. In contrast, the X gene in the father will be inherited automatically by the daughter. The genetic transmission laws have effects in the family lineages hence, women are more related to their paternal grandmother in X gene compared to their paternal grandfather.


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