Forces of Magnetism and Nursing Practice

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The doctor nurse practice as discussed from the previous discussions has been to be seen to be a diverse course that is also an alternative for masters program. In this perspective, it has got the potential of improving the future of nursing. This work is concerned with looking into how DNP-prepared leader enables forces of magnetism to improve the future of nursing. It further discusses attributes of effective leaders and followers as well as ascertaining the practice setting for potential advanced nursing practice benefitting from the forces of magnetism.

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The previous readings have shown that a DNP leader can be versatile and act as a force of magnetism to improve the future of nursing. This is because, through the many exposures and training, the leader develops many attributes that can be used in many places. The following are some of the attributes that the NDP leader can develop in the process of their training:

1. They are inspirational in the sense that they affect the followers in a positive way for them as well to be productive in the present and future (Schafer, 2010). This kind of influence improves the future of nursing as there is the promising quality of leadership.

2. The NDP leader through the many experiences they have, they support and facilitate the team that they are leading. This kind of moral support is key to the development of the followers and as well is promising to the future of the nursing practice.

3. The quality of good communication is inculcated in NDP leaders, and therefore, it is a trait that they can pass to their followers (Schafer, 2010). Their followers in response have the possibility to make the trait be felt in the various places that they operate. In the long run, this is promising for the future of nursing practice for the followers of the leaders will be in a position to reflect the same good communication.

4. The for the quality can be promising to the future of nursing practice as a result of a DNP leader is being decisive. In the event of a dilemma, the NDP leader can make informed decisions that can as well be emulated by the followers due to the influence that the leader has to them.

These qualities of the NDP acts as a force of magnetism to pull the followers to him or herself. The followers, on the other hand, get to emulate the traits that are geared towards promoting the future of nursing practice. The force of magnetism that the NDP leader causes from the followers makes them like the work they are doing. The possibility of influencing the followers away from the work environment reduces each and every time they spend with the charismatic leader. There is a force like that of a magnet that attracts them to the central place of influence; that is the leader. This makes it hard for the followers to find it hard to go for other options.


The discussion has drawn from the previous discussions on NDP leader and how they are influential in the way they lead. This has been established that it is from the diverse experience the leaders have from the various training and exposure. The attributes that make the followers be attracted to the NDP leader has also been discussed. in conclusion, the NDP leader is a versatile leader because of the experience they have hence they key to improving the future of nursing.


Schafer, J. (2010). Effective leaders and leadership in policing: traits, assessment, development, and expansion. Policing, 33(4), 644-663.

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