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Each stakeholder is important to the business, however, some are more important than others. I have chosen the top three that I think are the most important and in this word document, I will evaluate how these stakeholders influence the NHS and McDonalds.

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Influence of Stakeholders on McDonald's

Role of Owners in McDonald's

The owners are very important in McDonald's because they're the people that invest in the business and make sure that it runs smoothly to be able to give a good service and provide the customers with high-quality food. They have to make sure that each of the fast-food restaurants is kept clean and designed well, to attract the customers and make them enjoy their time while having their food. This brings more costs with it; therefore the owners have to make sure that they have enough money when investing more money into the restaurants. They also have to make sure that McDonalds is fully equipped to be able to prepare the food that's on the menu. When hiring new members of staff, they have to follow the procedures to make sure that they do it correctly.

The people that they hire need to be suitable for the job and meet all of Mcdonald's requirements and if failed to do so, it could have a big impact on the business and its overall success. Owners also need to make sure that all of the rules and regulations are followed so they don't get into trouble for going against the law. If any of their employees don't follow these rules, they are the ones to deal with it. The owners are in control of the finance of the business and its budgeting. They need to make sure that the money is divided equally and controlled as it's very easy to fall into debt but harder to get out of it.

However, the owners don't deal with everything themselves as their restaurants are all over the world; therefore they have their trusted people that deal with most of the issues that they don't have time to deal with. For example, these people working for the owners have a high position within the business, and they're in charge of staff and the way separate restaurants are run. They have to motivate the staff so they can be happier and enjoy their job more to provide a better quality service to the customers and this way improve the reputation of the business and help to make more profit as happy customers are most likely to return to McDonald's repeatedly.

Role of Employees in McDonald's

Employees working in McDonalds have to be well-trained to be able to prepare all of the food and serve the customers in a way that meets their expectations. Without staff, the restaurants wouldn't be running because there would be no one to serve the customers, and it's not like Mcdonald's is a small family-run business so the owners could just do all the work themselves. There are many different departments within Mcdonald's and people are trained for different job roles but they still work together as a team to create overall business success. Employees also have to meet all of the customer's expectations, whether that's when preparing their food or serving them. They have to be friendly, patient, and caring.

Customers' satisfaction should be the most important to them. However, they want to work in good working conditions and they want to know that they have a secure job, so the employers must make sure that they provide them with these. They might also expect decent pay considering their job role consists of being on their feet during their shift and keeping them very busy. They cant expect the pay to be too high at the same time because working in McDonald's doesn't require any previous experience as full training is given and there are no particular education expectations that the employees need in order to work in this fast-food restaurant.

Role of Customers in McDonald's

Customers in Mcdonald's are important, that's why they're in the top 3 in terms of how important they are to the business. They are the ones eating the food that McDonald's provide and in return they want to receive a high-quality meal for a good price and they want to receive good service when having their meal. If the business didn't meet all of these expectations and they would give the customer sub-standard food, the customers might decide they don't want to visit the restaurant again and it will affect the long-term profit that the business makes, it will also affect the reputation of McDonald's, therefore other customers might behave differently and have a negative opinion on it.

The customers might choose to use other fast-food restaurants such as Subway, KFC, or Burger King who are a competition to McDonald's and it will affect its market share. Customers have an influence on the food that's served in Mcdonald's, the quality of it, and its price. To be able to charge low prices, the fast-food restaurant might have to accept a low-profit margin on their products. To be able to prepare high-quality food and serve them in the right way, they might need to spend a lot of time and money to train the staff. It's essential to meet the needs of customers in Mcdonald's if they want to carry on being a successful business and achieve their aims.

Influence of Stakeholders on NHS

Role of Government in NHS

The government finances NHS, therefore without it, the service couldn't be provided for free and some people could be affected by that as they might not have the money to pay for expensive health services and their health would be at risk. They are the ones to make sure that everything runs smoothly so high-quality service can be provided. They have to make sure that the NHS has all of the equipment needed to provide the service, that enough staff is hired to carry out these services and that they have the right qualifications and experience. The government needs to make sure that people working for the NHS are not over-working because they have a hard job as it is and they're taking care of patients, so if they don't have enough rest, they won't be able to give a high standard service.

Role of Employees in NHS

The employees in NHS are nurses, doctors, and admin staff, all working in hospitals. These people have to have previous experience and they also have to have the right qualifications because they're dealing with serious matters which is other peoples health, therefore they will want to work in a good environment, have a secure job and receive good pay. These requirements will have an impact on the business because to be able to provide a good working environment, they will have to invest more money into it for example giving staff longer breaks or making sure that the working conditions are good.

Also, high rates of pay will affect the finance of the business; however, if the staff doesn't receive enough money for their job role, they might not be motivated to work. This will affect the way the business operates and gives out a service because it wouldn't be a high standard. This would change the public opinion on NHS and then they would expect more from the government if their needs weren't satisfied and therefore, the government would have to invest more money in the NHS. The employees have a big impact on the service that is given out to the general public.

Role of Patients in NHS

Patients are very important in the NHS because the NHS exists for people. If no one used their services, there would be no point in this existing because it's a free health service provided to people that simply can't afford it. If no one used the NHS services, the government would just pointlessly spend money on something that isn't needed. However, when the patients decide to use the NHS, they have certain expectations that need to be met. They want to be treated equally and receive the health service they need, whether it's something simple or more serious.

They are not expecting to pay for any help that's given to them, they want the doctors and nurses to be friendly and helpful and they also expect the overall place to be in a good condition and atmosphere to be friendly and comfortable. The patients can give feedback after they have received a service, whether it's to the company itself or whether it's to family and friends who can then enjoy the use of the service too and make it more popular. The patients are also the ones who influence the products and services that the NHS provides because these need to be suitable for the patients themselves and meet their needs and requirements.


There are many different people working in different areas and departments of Mcdonald's and each of these groups has an effect on the company and how well it's doing. Some of these stakeholders work together to achieve a mutual aim, whereas others work individually to achieve their own. There are also groups of stakeholders who don't agree with each other and there are some opposing interests between them, therefore the business needs to be ready to resolve these differences. Overall, I think the owners, employees, and customers are the most important stakeholders for McDonald's, because without them, the business simply wouldnt be running or they wouldnt be able to achieve success.

If the owners of McDonalds didnt invest enough money into the business to make it appealing to its customers and they didnt hire the right employees who would meet the customers needs and expectations, the business wouldnt be successful overall and they wouldnt be able to expand like it has. The most important stakeholder for the NHS is the government because they are the ones who are in charge of the NHS and they fund them. Without the money that the government invests in the NHS, they wouldnt be able to provide patients with free health service and therefore the patients might not be able to afford healthcare. The employees such as doctors and nurses are very important because the NHS needs experienced people to work for them and to provide the service to their patients but also meet their business aims.

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