Expository Essay on Stimulating Creativity

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Creativity Killing Actions You Should Stop Doing

Business creativity is the act of transforming new business ideas into real-world reality in a way that has not been used before (Amabile, 1996). In today's world, creativity is very vital but some managerial practices in some organizations kill it unknowingly. One can kill his or her creativity by crushing his or her own internal desire to do something new out of his own passion and desire. Another way of killing one's creativity is by giving him or herself so much unwanted pressure on doing something. One should have the freedom to do what he feels without the influence of others (Amabile, 1986). One also kills his or her creativity by being in the wrong workgroups or company of people who are not innovative or creative. As a result of peer pressure, one's creativity can be undermined due to a lack of motivation from his or her workgroup.

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Despite the ways of killing one's creativity, one can decide not to kill his or her creativity either by the influence of others or by his own fault. Such ways of upholding and growing one's creativity are by deciding ways of achieving own goals and not concentrating on the goals to be achieved. Another way of growing one's creativity is by involving oneself with workgroups that suit their levels of creativity (Gold, 2007). One can also grow his or her creativity by looking for resources like time and money to facilitate the ideas one wants to pursue. One should also not be so much concerned with the resources in that in the incidence of failure his or her ideas can fail.

Creativity and Innovation in Organizations

It is possible to evaluate organizations by their ability to enhance or inhibit innovation and creativity because organizations that support creativity perform better than those that don't encourage creativity.

Factors Influencing Innovation in an Organization

When evaluating an organization's receptiveness to innovation one has to look into factors such as whether the management of the organization has a clear vision and commitment to innovation, whether there is an open and active communication flow of ideas and information within and without the organization. Another factor to consider is whether diverse ideas that come into the organization are welcomed and encouraged.

Are Innovation and Creativity Ephemeral Concepts?

Innovation and creativity are not ephemeral concepts that when attempted to be introduced in an organization are doomed to fail because creativity and innovation are vital in everyday business activities in any organization. Creativity and innovation have helped organizations to compete with others fairly thus it should be encouraged. Creativity cannot be taken for granted because every organization has to be innovative so that they can be able to compete with others fairly and also be at par with the growing business environment.


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