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The Dove campaign for real beauty was created to help women appreciate their beauty. The primary audience for the campaign was women aged between 18 to 70 years who have always questioned the factors that defined the beauty of a woman. For a long time, many women have let various types of advertisement that use extremely skinny and anorexic women to be the standards of measuring the quality of the beauty that women should possess. During the real beauty campaign created and funded by Dove, a study initiated in 2004 found that only 23 percent of women felt that they were responsible for their beauty. The campaign revealed that many women believed that there were external factors that influenced the nature of their beauty. On the same note, the notion that women had no power over the factors that affected their beauty were mainly influenced by the types of campaigns conducted in the years before.

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The Purpose of Beauty Campaign by Dove

The real beauty campaign by Dove aimed to prove to women that they were responsible for defining their beauty and that no external factor should play a role in such an important aspect of life. The campaign used real women of different colors and physiques. It did not conform to the traditional ways of using very thin and highly polished supermodels to define what a beautiful woman should look like. From the results of the study, the campaign served its purpose by finding that the global results of the survey revealed that ten times of the approximated number of women did not believe in defining their beauty. Professionals attributed the success of the promotion by its ability to use real curvy women. Similarly, many other organizations recognized the success of the campaign and even came up with more adverts that emulated the same campaign. For example, Nike Company devised a promotion advertisement by using women of everyday looks like those used in the Dove campaign. Other organizations such as Proctor and Gamble among others followed in the footsteps of Dove. Many judges praised the advert for being real to their campaign by using plus size women. The company also received positive remarks from leaders in other companies for their ability to deviate from the daily norms of using skinny models to set the standards of beauty that women should conform to. Instead, the campaign gave every woman a reason to believe in herself. It used pictures of real unpolished women to find out how people valued factors such as fitness and fatness, wrinkles and being wonderful, and gray or gorgeous as shown in the picture below


The creators of the campaign aimed to reach a global audience by using social media, which many people around the world. They also ensured that the advert was within a specific budget and that the company did not spend much on financing the promotional activity. The campaign event used visual images to help women understand that they need to appreciate their different body types. It also appealed to women in the global arena to learn to feel beautiful in their skins and that they did not have to listen to what other people said. Similarly, the real beauty campaign by Dove aimed to conform women that they were beautiful just the way they were created.

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